Site Updates

Applying A More Focused Approach

If you went to my RACC fiction subsite, you would have seen that it had a haphazard, half-finished appearance. Though I poked and prodded it several times over its existence, it never really benefited from the attention it wanted. This had a lot to do with the site's lack of focus; it started out as one thing, but as ambition overcame commitment, it became a much bigger job than the work I put into it.

Some LNH20 RACC Covers

Just when I thought I was on top of all these RACC covers, the newsgroup launches the brand new LNH20 imprint, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Legion Of Net.Heroes... d'oh :)

New RACC Covers

After a frustrating evening trying to come up with a site design, I decided to switch gears and make a few RACC covers.

Playing Around With ePub Formats

I recently discovered that Pages for Mac can export documents as ePub files, the ebook format that iBooks uses. I'm a big fan of reading on my iPad and have been curious about easy ways to bring some RACC publishing onto the tablet.

New RACC Covers

Added four new covers to site; Captain Sestina, Dev Tripwire Report, Superhuman World 2011, Slim's Scythe. You can enjoy them on the main page or, if no recent issues have been released for the series, the cover gallery. Enjoy!

New RACC Covers

Added three new covers to site; Men's Course Will Foreshadow, Mordecai, and Sonnet Null. You can enjoy them on the main page or, if no recent issues have been released for the series, the cover gallery. Enjoy!

A Few More Covers Added

I have been a little lax in adding covers to the RACC site recently, but my focus on rebuilding the site has spurred me to whip up a batch. You should be able to see them all in the recent issues page or, if new posts arrive by the time you read this, in the cover gallery. Enjoy!

Building datatables and parsing RSS feeds

This weekend, I pushed forward with the RACC rebuild I was thinking about when I sketched out couple rough layout thumbnails. Specifically, I focused on the MySQL datatable structure used to store the issues and posts once I parse them out of the Google Groups rss feed.

Design 101?

Still unhappy with my RACC site design, I try a more basic approach, sketching out thumbnails of possible layouts.


I had a thought inspired by next month's NaNoWriMo: a thirty issue challenge for RACC authors, an issue a day.

More Covers and Better Site Layout

I've managed to make more progress on my always-in-progress RACC site, reducing the number of pages, but using the remaining space more effectively (hopefully).

RACC Site Inspiration and Progress

So, in my ongoing attempt to make headway in my personal projects, I'm nearing the finish line with my RACC subsite. I'm experimenting with HTML5 and CSS3, and developing with Mac browsers in mind foremost, so those of you sporting Internet Explorer machines will probably see gibberish. Until I do some proper cross-browser fixes, here's a screenshot of how it's coming along.

A Couple New RACC Covers

I switched gears and made a couple cover images, a habit I want to get back into.

RACC Redevelopment, In Progress

Over the long weekend, I found some time to keep working on the redesign/update of my website, including the Rec Arts Comics Creative area. I've had a clear picture of how I wanted it to work for a while now, but I kept getting stumped when I tried to apply a design to it... it just wouldn't come together.

RACC Rebuild Preview

I am working behind the scenes to rebuild my RACC front-end. It's been a long-time coming, and I not only hope to fix a couple functional annoyances, but maybe streamline some usage issues.

Marlo Vivo #2

Marlo's job was shit. Marlo's apartment was shit. Marlo's life was shit. And the straight and narrow path only promised more of the same. Then someone came along with a promise of some easy loot and a chance to run along the wrong side of the fence again... what could possibly go wrong?

Marlo Vivo #1

She used to be a super-villian named Zip, the "lickety split". She had a gas, but she got caught and she paid the piper for it. Fast forward to today, and she's tried to stay on the straight and narrow, but it isn't working out for her. Crummy job, harrassed by cops, and just under the poverty line... the hell with it, stick with what you know!

Happy Holidays!

Seasons greetings to all RACC writers, readers, and enthusiasts! Enjoy a free Flash-based music player with Christmas music :)

Superguy Imprint Tag

Added an imprint tag and link to Superguy, as it seems to be back and running!

Formatting RACC Titles

A gentle reminder to RACC authors to format their subject lines.

Cover Images

Mid-October, and Wil is trying to catch up on a couple more RACC covers. :)

Cover Images, Past Issue Searches, and Google Ads

Three new covers. Some troubles getting Google's new Group search working properly. Playing with ads.

Cover Image

New cover images created for LNH series "58.8".

Cover Images

Racc covers created and uploaded for September and October posts.

New Google Groups?

The Google Groups team has spun off an alternate beta version of their newsgroup web reader.

Cover Images and Misc Announcements

Racc covers created and uploaded for August posts, plus a couple other shoutouts.

New LNH Cover

Replaced the original black and white LNH cover with a more colourful one.

Cover Images

Racc covers created and uploaded for June posts.

Cover Images

RACC covers created and uploaded for May posts.

Cover Images

RACC covers created and uploaded for April posts.

Changes to the RACC Filtering

Wil makes some updates to one of his RACC mirror admin tools

Cover Images

RACC covers created and uploaded for March posts.

Thanks To All Who Voted!

RACC at Wil's Ego wins "Spider Spins!" Little Lulu Webpage RACC Award for fourth year in a row!

More Haiku Gorilla

The adventures continues past issues three!

Cover Images

RACC covers created and uploaded for February posts.

Final RACC Testing

Out of beta pan and into the fire... just a little further to go!

Voting open for the RACCies Awards

Get your ballot, and vote for the best original comic book fiction of the year.

Cover Images

Godling, Speak!, and The Goddess And The Bomb.

Beta Launch of RACC at Wil's Ego

Wil launches his personal website, and with it, the beta version of his RACC mirror...

Apes Month Is Coming!

Just a reminder, RACCers and RACCettes-- in three short days, the month of January will be upon us, and with it, Apes Month...

January is Apes Month

Tom Russell and Saxon Brenton declare January to be Apes Month! RACC shall be deluged with talking gorillas, orangatuns, chimps...