"Tales of the Holy Mountain" Back Issues

Tales of the Holy Mountain #2

by deucexm

I have a few remaining ideas for this series, but I think I'll let them gestate just a bit longer. I still have Royals to finish, after all; I haven't forgotten about that one - it's actually been weighing on me a bit. But Tales is fun and simple, and greases the gears in addition to having

Tales of the Holy Mountain #1

by deucexm

Sometimes ideas just come out all in a rush, not entirely formed; sometimes they stew for a while and boil and turn over and I don't have good cooking metaphors because I don't cook. Anyway the point is this one has been on my mind for quite some time; I'm glad I had the chance to put it into

Tales of the Holy Mountain

by deucexm

I wanted something that was bitesize enough that I could crank out a segment of it every now and then to keep the flow going - an actual segment for publication, that is, a finished piece. After some conversation, I came up with this; it ties into the DiVerse, but not in any way you'd know on