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The Girl Who Saved the World Part 68


by George Phillies

* * * * * Brian sat at his desk, trying to concentrate on studying for tomorrow’s exam. He wasn’t being very successful. Dinner had been a nightmare. Everything had gone fine for the first five minutes. Then Trisha announced she’d dropped music for fitness club. She’d even tried to be nice

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 67

"SKY COMMANDER - It's like The Rocketeer meets Indiana Jones!!!"

by George Phillies

"I'm home," Trisha called. She did that every day. Hopefully they wouldn't complain that she was doing the same thing she always did. "I'm going upstairs to my room." "Trisha, dear," her mother's voice was loud and clear, "don't you have chores to do?" "Mom, today is Wednesday. That's me

The Girl Who Saved the World part 63

by George Phillies

Sorry it has been a while. I am cowriting a novel, and my co-author is highly tolerant that I can manage 3000 words a day on many days, even though he views this as catastrophically slow. We shall piously hope that the HitGirlz remembered their bulletproof underthings. CHAPTER YYY Benjamin

The Girl Who Saved...

by George Phillies

Eclipse is actually several books away from "The Girl Who Saved All the Universes" but I have already populated the Vissorant. It thinks of itself as a whale eating Krill, but each Krill is an entire universe. I once said "the grossest monster in the history of D&D", and got challenged about

Raccies 2017

"Bidding Adieu"

by George Phillies

"That was a truly fine ceremony," Cosmic Cataclysm Lass said. "It had all the right ingredients." "Indeed it did," Natural Law Revision Lad said. "But now it is time to return home." "Does that mean that you are leaving?" their guest asked. "Alas, we must depart." Natural Law Revision Lad


by George Phillies

Yes, MISC: Raccies.

Night of the RACCies Prelude! (Re MISC

"The Girl Who Saved the World part 62)"


... > > For unclear reasons, the receptionist began to show signs of alarm. "Do > you always blow up universes?" > > "I only did that once, and they deserved it." > > "What about last month?" her brother asked teasingly. > > "That doesn't count. That was only a local group of galaxies.

The Girl Who Saved the World part 62

by George Phillies

Readers may wish to enhance this: But first, visitors at LNH HQ, speaking to whoever is at the front desk, in events that may not have happened. "Hi, I'm Natural Law Revision Lad, and I'd like to buy tickets for the RACCies ceremony. Two. One for me, one for my sister Cosmic Cataclysm Lass."

The Queen's Roast, a fairy-tale

by Tom Russell

THE QUEEN'S ROAST, a fairy-tale. told by Tom Russell I have no idea if this should be flagged with "ACRA" or not, but if you've read any fairy tales, you probably know the kinds of things to expect! There was once a good king. He was wise and temperate; he was a skilled diplomat and

Swashbucklers of the Grand Helix #2

by Drew Perron

The Captain stood at the prow of the ship, watching the cosmic sparklings of the Grand Helix shimmer by. The whitecaps were lovely today, and land was coming into sight. The Prince came out of the cabin, put one arm around the Captain's waist and the other round his chest, leaning his

Journey into Procrastination #1

by Adrian J. McClure

Reposting this old ass story of mine in honor of World Dracula Day! Maybe someday I'll write another issue of this series... Journey into Procrastination #1: "Preludes and Distractions" by Adrian J. McClure Part of High Concept Challenge #24: Le Challenge French Note: This is an anthology

Writing Prompt

"A first date gets interrupted by something fantastic."

by christophe...@gmail.com

Jess picks at her food with her fork, trying to think of something to say. She’s never been any good at small talk, and being on a date with such a gorgeous woman as Sarah is just making her all the more shy. “So, uh, what kinda work do you do?” Sarah asks, in a tone that definitely suggests

The Girl Who Saved the World part 61

by George Phillies

“I’ll keep that in mind. And these are truly wonderful scones,” Krystal said. “I’ll tell Allison you want the recipe. She will be delighted. But now I have a riddle for you. Did one of your people, perhaps two years back, put a geas on the Wells house?” Morgana asked. “I can’t imagine why

Nine-Tenths of the Law


Nine-Tenths of the Law copyright 2016 by Dave Van Domelen "...and by the scribing of this sigil, the pact is made." Ben felt stupid. The guy he bought the book from online swore the

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 60

"A Question For the Community"

by George Phillies

This passage seemed to get lost. “It’s my gift to humanity,” Morgana said, “on which all of the pieces are well known so I will claim no credit for doing it. The publications will report exactly what each person did as part of the effort. We’re curing sickle-cell anemia. Not a bone marrow

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 59

by George Phillies

BUNCOMBE AND VERA DURAND- they do an inteview Chapter Eleven The Lafayette Laboratory Compere Biological Sciences Building Rogers Technological Institution January 15, 2018 Early afternoon “Pardon me?” The voice at the door to Allison Moreland’s lab came from a tall young woman

Swashbucklers of the Double Helix #1

by Drew Perron

I would apologize for not posting for a while - again - but you know what? Screw it, let's get to the content! - Some said he was a prince himself, that he'd been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but scorned the excesses and the cruelty of his royal kin and taken off with their

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 58

by George Phillies

The speaking stone worked its way around the circle and back to Chancellor Holmgren. “With respect to pursuing the Bearer, we did manage with the aid of Baron Supreme Gamesman Kamensky to track down Miss Wells, who introduced the City of Steel move seen in that part of the competition. She is

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 57

"2016 First Nomination Ballot"

by George Phillies

“I find that the first lot is for the new manifesto from the League of Terran Justice,” Holmgren said. “Must we consider their ravings?” Moeller asked. The IncoAztecan Ambassador nodded in agreement, then passed the talking stone to Count Ferencz. “The new manifesto is very different,” Ferencz

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 56

"2016 First Nomination Ballot"

by George Phillies

There will be a rewrite you cannot see. The discussion of Stanford Smith, who some of you will have recognized, and the following paragraph go back to Liouville-Gibbs, and Liouville Gibbs appears here. She was too tired, and too many people ask about "GR". She is living in West Oregon, a state

The Girl Who Saved the World

by George Phillies

The death is fairly violent. Saving someone from having died is meant literally. It's a bit challenging. Spindrift does die, as she knew she would from the moment she summoned herself into existence out of kelp and sea foam, cold salt air, and the roar of the breaking waves.

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 55

by George Phillies

The cats like regular warm lunches. Careful examination of the tails indicated that they were probably spending most of their time hunting in the fields and bringing dinner home. I sat with my legs over the edge of the perch, dropped a cat treat on each side, and waited not for very long. Soon I

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 54

by George Phillies

There had been a time, right after mom threw me out of the house, when I was panicked about where I would get money. Fortunately I already had another persona ready. Pointelisme flew, teleported, was very good at long-range telepathy, had extremely solid force fields, and was very good with

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 53

"The Girl Who Saved the World, Part 52."

by George Phillies

I have a major rewrite ongoing. I am largely done with a colleague's research monograph, on which I am doing an intensive line edit. Ten book pages a day of line edit. especially when I am inserting scientific questions - it is a book on polymer dynamics - is actually a lot of work. Chapter

The Girl Who Saved the World, Part 52.

by George Phillies

“We must mobilize the people of the world,” Holmgren said, “to turn their united talents to capturing this person. Wherever she is – yes, I agree the very limited evidence suggests somewhere in Europe – we must find her. In particular, we must capture this Eclipse person and free the Namestone

The Girl Who Saved the World 51

by George Phillies

I have been convinced the I need to do a major rewrite. “Ah, yes, the original agenda. Eclipse and how she escaped. Is there an issue here?” The Ambassadors glowered. “Valkyria,” Holmgren said, “Can you add anything to what happened afterward?” “Rolf,” she answered, her use of the first

The Girl Who Sved the World Part 50

"LNH Triple Play 5"

by George Phillies

Chapter Nine Secure Chamber Alpha The Palace of Peace Geneva, Switzerland Evening January 13, 2018 Holmgren stood at the head of the table, waiting for the ambassadors of the Great Powers to be seated. Finally all of them had arrived and were in place. He leaned into his chair and tapped

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 48

"The Girl Who Saved The World Part 44"

by George Phillies

I momentarily remembered a peculiarity of history. There are perfectly adequate numbers of references, a few thousand years ago, that if you leave a horse with a big pile of barley it will eat itself to death. Modern horse breeders think horses are not that stupid. I decided not to call the


"Rescue Mission part 2 by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 57 Rescue Mission part 2 by J. Vandersteen – GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: Rescue Mission part 2 On the ground floor of a missile silo Godling is standing face to face with a mind-controlled Agent Destruction who is ready to attack. “Wait! Don’t! I’m here to rescue you!”

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 47

"Powernaut Coming Attractions"

by George Phillies

So you're immune to poison? And you have a headache. It's a shame aspirin is poisonous. Chapter Eight The Invisible Fortress Morning January 13, 2018 I’d be even more delighted to say that on the third day I was fully recovered. Not hardly. Not with the amount of damage I’d taken.

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 46

by George Phillies

“We should,” Starsmasher agreed, “except for the minor detail of finding her. Assuming it is actually a her and not a cleverly disguised him. The resources of most of the League, though less than that guiding genius Dreikirch thinks, are behind this search. Surely it will bye and bye succeed?


"Rescue Mission part 1 by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 56 Rescue Mission part 1 by J. Vandersteen – GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: Rescue Mission part 1 Quentin Alexander walks off campus, carrying some books under his arms. As he is ready to cross the street a dark black sedan blocks his way. The back window opens, revealing a

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 45

by George Phillies

-- Forwarded Message -- Subject: The Girl Who Saved the World Part 45 Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2016 00:07:15 -0400 From: George Phillies To: [LINK] I seem to be seeing comments on things where I have not seem the original. “Worse,” the Screaming

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 44

by George Phillies

“Finally, the First Speaker, the Living Sun, is most emphatic that the Namestone must be recovered as soon as possible and used to bring Heaven to Earth. Accordingly, the First Speaker has ordered that the Jaguar Knights be immediately ready to attack the Bearer, no matter where on earth she is

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 43

by George Phillies

Readers will note that I re-sorted chapters a bit, so some of you may have seen some of this before. I got home, was seriously down with the flu for a week, had major catchup to do, and will now be back. In between I finished a 50,000 word equivalent scientific paper, at least to the almost

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 42

by George Phillies

Readers will note that I re-sorted chapters a bit, so some of you may have seen some of this before. And for the chess- curious the Glorious Shield of Sarnath is the Sicilian. Janie thinks it's badly busted. The Horns of Hattin runs (colors reversed is equally valid) for white a4 h4 Ra3 Rh3


"Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 55 Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen – GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: Live on Stage A TV studio with a big live studio audience. On a stage sits the beautiful TV reporter Bonnie Colter. She says, “People in the audience, people at home… It’s so nice to have you witness this

The Girl Who Saved the World 41

by George Phillies

Morgana Lafayette would be available as a presenter. The wind gusted, hard enough that the shutters rattled. “However, I am keeping you up late,” Morgana continued, “I still have a paper to write, and I’ve given your children their grades. They are all Excellent. Your meal was wonderful, and

The Girl Who Saved the World 40

by George Phillies

Password Lord and His Three Trusty Companions would be delighted to go on an adventure. Patrick and Abigail looked at each other. “We’ve told both of them,” Patrick said, “that if they ever want to talk to us they can. If they want someone else to talk to, we can arrange that. They both said

The Girl Who Saved The World 39

by George Phillies

“Arthur’s England? You!” Abigail’s jaw dropped slightly. “Now that you mention it, yes, me. By the way, the historical claims that would have had me sleep my way through the Knights of the Round Table, not to mention all their squires and pages, are severely fictional. Those people didn’t


"The Masked Merchant part 3 by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 54 The Masked Merchant part 3 by J. Vandersteen - GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: The Masked Merchant part 3 The interrogation room of the New Troy PD. Wade Hudson is inside, sitting opposite one of the criminals that Dober-Girl left for the cops to pick up. "So, again...

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 38

by George Phillies

“You much look as though you need dinner,” Patrick announced, “and you three young ones need to give us a private conversation. Your grades from Morgana, remember?” “Yes, sir,” Brian answered. “Forward to modelling.” The three children headed upstairs. “And now, Morgana,” Abigail said, “we

Girl Part 37

by George Phillies

were.” > > ... This just hyped my interest in this Family Dinner sequence. You note that he promptly handed her not one but two cookies.

To Answer Drew and Part 37

by George Phillies

then? Of > course, it makes sense that the snow itself would veil her... She is in disguise as Professor Morgana Lafayette. >> “I never used it in a match,” Janie said. “I was saving it for >> National. Now Eclipse used it! > > Hmmmm! Parallel development, or super-mindreading? No, but

More thanks and responss.

by George Phillies

Many thanks for the vast number of comments. > 1. Re: MISC: The Girl Who Saved the World part 31 (Drew Perron) > 2. Re: MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 32 (Drew Perron) > 3. Re: MISC: The Girl Who Saved The World Part 33 (Drew Perron) > 4. Re: MISC: The Girl Who Saved

Responses to Vol 152, Issue 23

by George Phillies

that's her middle name. She goes by "Trisha". >> “Da-aad,” Brian complained, not quite seriously. “The other choice was >> getting stomped flat by a giant robot. It could have appeared anywhere >> in Massachusetts, and it just had to appear right in front of my school. > > Y'know, I hate

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 36

"The Girl Who Saved the World Part 36"

by George Phillies

The Continentals continues excellently. I have the impression that the young lady is the more effective half of the pair, but perhaps we have just seen circumstances in which her skills were more evident. The Legion of Net Heroes is as I remember it from many years ago. I am currently writing

The Girl Who Saved the World Part 35

by George Phillies

“Already done,” Brian said. “I was going to work on my new model. I’m making real progress.” His current project, the ship-of-the-line George Washington, had 1200 pieces, most requiring modest woodworking prior to assembly. “Me, too,” Janie added. “Grades night. Not much homework. But my new

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 34

by George Phillies

Comments? “I’ve only met him twice,” Patrick said. “Dear, it must be in your Rolodex.” “I thought you knew, Patrick,” Abigail answered. “Janie, you must have visited his house.” “Ummh, er, no. I have the good City playing set. He teleports, remember? He could live anywhere,” Janie

The Girl Who Saved The World Part 32

by George Phillies

The Continentals, comment: Who would dare seek to separate a man from his cane? The heroine does appear to be a bit more astute than the hero is. Chapter 4, continued “Incredible bragging rights,” Brian announced. “Grandmasters come here to learn City of Steel from Janie.” “I think we