The Super Wizard From Space #12

"The Tragedy Of Sharkasaurus Rex, Part 2" by

It took nearly every ghost fish of the infinite school to confidently 
herd Sharkasaurus Rex into the depths of the invisible galaxy. The 
megalodon's monstrous instincts were near impossible to fully 
understand, a hundred million space-years of predatory instinct and 
insatiable hunger. The spectral school's entire telepathic concentration 
was being used to focus those simple bloody thoughts, to steer the 
massive shark to the desired destination. It was incredibly slow going, 
as even the slightest slip by any one of the ghost fish caused Rex to 
loosen and snap at his surroundings.

The Super Wizard From Space led the infinite school to the inner edge of 
a difficult to see galactic spiral, where a single fat grey planet spun 
around a bright blue star. He assisted the ghost fish in shepherding 
Sharkasaurus Rex into orbit, the school of phantasmal fish creating a 
wide ring around the world. Once he was confident they had the megalodon 
securely in a regular circling run, he dived into the atmosphere with 
only the rainbow fish Geisel and Theodor accompanying him. They could 
not risk any others if they wanted to maintain control over Sharkasaurus 

Flying through the sky in a cocoon of pale starlight, the super wizard 
passed over a tranquil landscape of lush green forests, long rich rice 
fields, simple triangular buildings made of red wood, and a constant 
fresh mist that covered everything but the very tallest mountains. The 
entire world had an ethereal feel to it, making the lowlands almost 
unreal in the grey fog and the crystal clear peaks stand out in sharp 
contrast. In the distance, acting as a guiding signal, a regular 
repetitive ringing tone could be heard across the hemisphere.

At the most perfect point on the equator stood the two tallest mountains 
on the entire world. Hanging between the two colossal peaks was a huge 
metal gong, a mile in diameter and suspended in the valley by a million 
crisscrossing ropes. An incredibly long rope bridge ran across the front 
of it and, directly at the centre, a lone figure was lightly striking 
the exact centre, causing the ringing tone. The pitch perfect note 
visibly rippled in the mist.

The super wizard landed gently on the rope bridge beside the figure. It 
was nine feet tall, had gently round lizard features and gigantic golden 
gecko eyes. It wore the yellow orange robes of a simple monk, fist-sized 
glass beads around it's neck, and wooden sandals. And hovering over it's 
head, glowing a tranquil hypnotizing blue, was a wide flat cone 
seemingly made of simple straw. When it saw the wizard, he placed the 
small hammer he held in a slot built into the bridge, then turned and 
formally bowed.

"A number of incredibly respectful salutations. Welcome to the invisible 
galaxy, and to the planet of Amity. I trust you were able to navigate 
through the dreaded emptiness of space unerringly thanks to the Gong 
Ago, our massive metal instrument. If struck correctly, it is said it's 
faultless pitch can be heard in every plane of existence.

"Allow me to be the introduction to this momentous space-occasion. 
Though my mastery of our space kung-fu has made me completely unseeable 
to you, like crystal clear water on the stillest of days, on my honour I 
assure you that I am the most venerable master hero Brody Dharma, space 
champion of the invisible monks."

The super wizard looked over the tall lizard in silent consideration, 
then awkwardly returned the bow. "Thank you for your hospitality. You 
know who I am?"

The lizard stood up and beamed with a wide grin. "Oh yes, with most 
definite certainty. You are known throughout several material universes 
by many names. Some of them a fearful whisper in the dark. Some of them 
a panicked cry into the heavens. But here, in my humble hyper-monastery, 
I will know you as... my guest."

The two ghostly rainbow fish slowly circled Brody Dharma, occasionally 
fading way in the thin air, other times coming into colourful focus. The 
monk only chuckled cheerfully at the spectacle. "Ho ho ho! What 
delightful specimens of Rex's school! Their contrasting opinions are a 
wondrous explosion of experience in my mind's eye!"

He watched them spin around him a bit, like an adult might watch a puppy 
chase it's tail, then looked up at the sky. The ring of spectral sea 
life in orbit was visible as a wide hazy band stretching horizon to 
horizon. His smile turned to sadness. "Is Rex up there?"

"Yes yes yes!" said Geisel, doing a proud loop-de-loop. "Mighty Rex! And 
his infinite school! In his infinite ocean! For all to see!"

"To see him now. As he is. Not as he was," said Theodor, doing a low 
heavy dip. "Hungry Rex. Murdering Rex. We were his students. Now we hold 
his leash."

A blue green tear welled in one golden gecko eye. "It breaks my heart to 
finally be meeting this great space-legend under such harrowing 
circumstances. My father told me wondrous stories of Sharkasaurus Rex, 
including one fantastical tale when they together saved the math-whale 
Moebius Dick from an obsessive pirate." { The Adventures of Buddy Dharma 
#2 }

"He was the best of us," the super wizard agreed.

The fish were appreciatively silent.

Brody Dharma sniffled, then recomposed himself as best as he could 
manage. "But you all have journeyed far and long. You must join me at 
the hall on the peak, where our other guests are awaiting."

"Others? More?" asked Geisel.

"Ho ho ho! Oh yes, absolutely," said Brody Dharma cheerfully, starting 
across the bridge toward one of the mountain peaks, and waving at the 
super wizard to follow. "Not often have I had such important visitors to 
Amity. The invisible monks have put aside their meditations for the 
occasion and are even now awaiting our arrival in the fractal hall."

The small group spent the rest of the space-day on a slow trek across 
the rickety bridge. The blue light of the sun reflecting off the bronze 
of the massive gong, painting the surface of the opaque mist slices of 
green and orange and yellow, like a half dozen alien sunsets had melted 
into the atmosphere.

As the super wizard got closer to the peak he realized it wasn't a 
mountain at all, but an ancient shrine, incredibly tall. This close he 
could make out the sloping curved roofs at each layer, the aged wooden 
balconies, the sliding doors that hid innumerable rooms on innumerable 
floors. Over the long long centuries the building had been rebuilt with 
stone, covered in moss, worn away by the weather. Forests had sprung up 
along its massive side and snow drifts had collected on the top 
canopies, melting and finding paths between collapsed sections and 
sculpted routes to form falling springs.

The wooden bridge terminated on a dock of sort, where it was anchored to 
great red oak trees a hundred feet wide. On the wide wooden landing, a 
number of orange robed monks stood respectfully, hoods over their bald 

The religious men simultaneously struck the little silver gongs they 
each held and shouted out introductions in unison.

Bong. "Religious lizard; on his brow, the peasant's straw; transparent 

Bong. "Wizard of science; on his brow, the baron's oath; judge of all

Geisel seemed to flicker to almost complete solidity with each tone, an 
experience that caused him to broadcast thoughts of excitement and 
curiosity. "I like the little cymbals! They make my not-ears happy!"

"This way, please," motioned Brody Dharma further into the shrine. He 
led them through musky hallways of faded paint and beaded curtains and 
parchment portraits of what must have been former master heroes of 
Amity. Followed by a small retinue of the gong-carrying monks, the group 
eventually came down a spiral staircase and emerged in a circular 
chamber constructed entirely of white marble and white diamonds.

The chamber was built on future-fractal principals, making it intimate 
in size yet able to hold millions of people if need be. Currently, it 
held only three individuals, all with a brightly lit headpiece hovering 
over each of their heads.

Brody Dharma paused and made grand sweep, introducing the three. "With 
the humblest of honours, may I present to you Emperor-M of the Mummy 
Machines of Planet-M...

Bong. "Resurrected tool; on it's brow, the kingly choice; machine beyond 
death!" The robot lurched ungainly, servos making an uneven clicking as 
they kept the broken machine held up, the ghostly pschent floating just 
above it's bandaged head.

"...the Secret Living Language..."

Bong. "Concept and creature; on it's brow, the blacksmith's craft; every 
word alive!" Originally made up of a single sentient idea, it had been 
described and defined enough by various scientific researchers to gain 
it's own vocabulary. Now it was a super civilization in and of itself, 
made up of a secret language, with every word, sentence, and punctation 
both a citizen and a part of the whole.

"...and finally, her majesty Queen Buzz of the Monster Bees."

Bong. "Insect royalty; on her brow, the prisoner's chains; swarm and 
queen and hive!" A tall humanoid woman, regally dressed in a 
conservative striped gown. She had tightly pulled-back hair and wore a 
broad cavalier hat, a single grand feather standing straight up from the 
band. She seemed to be completely composed of a partially-clear yellow 
gelatin that occasionally crackled with a faint shock.

When the entourage of monks completed their rhythmic introductions, 
Geisel and Theodor blasted the room with darkly coloured thoughts of 
anger and assault.

Before anyone could react, the two ghost fish charged the yellow woman 
and struck passed through her semi-liquid form.

They attacked with psychic blows powerful enough to burst her instantly.

Queen Buzz was gone. Only sticky chunky puddles remained.

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