Rictavio's Map

I'm running a fifth edition "Curse Of Strahd" campaign for half a dozen friends. They inevitably encountered Rictavio, who claimed to have been there "for quite a while" and was "travelled a bit" of the valley. The players talked him into providing them with a map, and though it managed to "slip his mind" a couple times, he eventually did make good.

As DM, I didn't want to give them a copy of the map straight from the book, with all the location markers on it. And though I did find versions of official map with the markers removed, there were still details on it that Rictavio would either not know or would not want the players to know about. So I created an alternate version...

I used the original map image as a base, some clipped pieces of historical maps for decoration, and some fan-created Photoshop brushes for the majority. Its not perfect as I rushed it a bit, but the goal was to get it done in time to get it printed out. Specifically, I made an extra-large high quality version that I got printed out at 24 inches by 36 inches, and could have Rictavio present to the players as a prop...

If anyone else is running a "Curse Of Strahd" campaign and is interested in having a copy of "Rictavio's map" for themselves, here's some Goole Drive links. Just be aware of its overall filesize!

Print-quality image, 7200px by 4800px at 200DPI, 54Mb

Print-quality image without blood splatter, 7200px by 4800px at 200DPI, 53Mb

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