Let's Try This Again

The first issue of my Super Wizard From Space fiction series was posted way back in March 2011. The original intention was to write a short issue of approximately 1500 words every week for an entire year. Though I can some general ideas where I was going with the plot, I was purposely winging it through most of it. The goal wasn't to write something good, it was to just be writing.

The last issue, number forty-nine, was posted online in August 2014. That was over seventeen months ago. That six-part story arc began in issue forty-four, posted online in May 2014. So it doesn't take much math to figure out I didn't keep to my self-imposed schedule very well.

Some of the problems were due to the lack of direction. As I went through, I realized my lack of plotting was catching up to me. I was building up to an ending that I hadn't figured out.

The other issue was that I was putting too much effort into it. That doesn't sound like a bad thing, but it became an extra reason to not be posting. Over-thinking and re-thinking and reviewing and re-doing and, the whole time, I was losing focus on the point: to just be writing.

So, let's try this again.

I have a direction to head toward. Still a bit vague, but its a path that leads to a distinct ending. I have a couple issues completed and a couple well on their way, to act as a bit of a buffer. And I'm hoping to not lose site of the goal. Though I expect to miss a couple weeks here and there, I'd like to complete the series sometime this year. I'd like to accomplish what 2011-me intended.

I'm going to not dwell too much on how it turns out. I can easily lose my way again worrying about how each sentence could be improved (they can always be improved). But I believe it actually fits better to Fletcher Hanks' original series if it comes out a bit rough around the edges.

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