Hourly Comic Day 2015, with Paper By FiftyThree

February 1st is Hourly Comic Day, where hundreds of participants doodle a couple comic panels for every hour they are awake. Its become pretty popular over Twitter, and you can find a whole pile of extremley talented work searching the #HourlyComicDay hashtag.

For this year, I thought I'd use Paper By FiftyThree on my iPad. Its a brilliant app that I don't use as often as I'd like... and to be honest, I didn't use it as much as I wanted this time either. The trouble is I'm either am doing something interesting that's worth drawing, or I'm not but I actually have the spare time to draw.

Regardless, here's my February 1st, illustrated...

Photo 2015-02-01, 9 13 47 AM

Pretty slow to wake up on a Sunday morning. Catching up on social media and making plans for the day.

Photo 2015-02-01, 10 06 25 AM

Making breakfast, one of my weekend indulgences. Annoyingly, I had no bread to make toast with. Curses!

Photo 2015-02-01, 11 05 18 AM

Watching some episodes of Top Gear on Netflix. I've watched them before, so I can just pause or stop it anytime. But it's a good reminder that season 22 recently began.

Photo 2015-02-01, 12 15 41 PM

Doing dished and various other chores. Not that many chores, mind you. Just the couple I tripped over.

Photo 2015-02-01, 1 38 28 PM

Lunchtime with my parents. Usually, I'd do dinner at their place, but seeing as I'd made plans for the afternoon and evening, we moved it up. They, thankfully, had toast available.

Photo 2015-02-01, 3 38 52 PM

Stopping at a Liquormart to fill up my growler. Giving Fort Garry's new Red Reaper a try.

Photo 2015-02-01, 5 16 40 PM

Meeting Kyle at the Forks for some research and some writing and some caffeine-based refueling... though later, he got distracted by my iPad and ended up forgoing any work for a chance to doodle on it.

Photo 2015-02-01, 6 18 24 PM

Since its a friend's birthday, decided to pick up some brownies at the Tall Grass Prairie bakery as a gift. Note to future self, brownies here are both delicious and extremely rich O_O Get half as many as you think you need.

Photo 2015-02-01, 9 28 17 PM

Playing "Stone Age" board game with Katie and Kyle. Despite completely different strategies and scoring buttloads of points, we all ended up within a measly two points of each other! Great game, highly recommended.

Photo 2015-02-01, 9 49 14 PM

Definitely cooler out this weekend than it was the previous before. Spent a decent amount of time today waiting for the engine to warm up. Which reminds me, I need new CDs for the car, now that all our local radio stations aim for general mediocrity.

Photo 2015-02-01, 10 16 17 PM

Had too much fun most of the day, and and kept forgetting to draw. Caught up a couple before calling it a night.

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