Mad Max: Fury Road, Trailer

It only recently came to my attention that some of you have not yet seen the latest Mad Max: Fury Road trailer. I've watched it half a dozen times, and if nothing else, this single trailer is better than many full-length action movies that came out this year.

From what we're hearing, this movie is shaping up to be the George Miller film I've waited for. Its the desert landscapes of our old 1980s-esque apocalypse. Its the monster-modded cars and punk gothic costumes. Its the fantastically, outlandishly named characters, like Charlize Theron's "Imperator Furiosa". Its the heavy amount of practial effects, kicking up sand and dirt and vehicles.

 Many people are queueing up to see the last Hobbit film this month. I couldn't be bothered; I'll catch it some time during the holidays. But I may be first in line to see Mad Max come 2015! :D

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