Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Every year around this time, like many other people, I do some spring cleaning. A major part of this spring cleaning involves reducing the amount of stuff I have. I do so because I believe its healthy to do so, to live with less impedimenta. By forcing myself to dispose of things, I’m forced to weigh how important each item actually is to me, as opposed to keeping it just for “shelf porn”, or “i might need it someday”, or just out of habit. I end up with less stuff, but by virtue of surviving this purging process, its stuff that I actually want.

I am also a believer of giving things away. I would rather someone watch a movie than it end up in a box in a storage room. I would rather a book be read rather than it sit on a shelf untouched. I would rather my friends enjoy things rather than just tossing it into a dumpster.

As such, below are lists of DVDs and comicbook graphic novels available for anyone who wants them. I apologize that they are not in any particular order, but maybe by going through the lists slowly, you’ll find a couple things you want.

There’s a few light rules, though. I’m not your delivery boy, I’m not going out of my way to drop anything off at anyone’s front door; you want these, you’ll have to make some effort yourself to pick them up. What you see is what I’m offering; I’ll clarify if a title is too vague, but don’t bother asking if I’m giving away something else that’s not already on the list. This will be first-come-first-serve …ish; things will go to the first person who wants them, but I reserve the right to give friends and associates I know personally priority. Finally, donations and bribes are always appreciated; you are under no obligation to compensate me these items, but feel free to buy me a cup of coffee or something sometime :)

This is a limited time offer. I’ll keep this stuff available for a month or so, but I’ll eventually donate everything remaining to charity or something. The goal is for me to get rid of it after all!

Update, 11am May 1st: Anything with a strikeout has already been claimed by someone. Everything else is still up for grabs. If you want any of the softcover or hardcover graphic novels, you will need to let me know before the morning of Saturday May 3rd. That afternoon, I will pack up all remaining softcover and hardcover graphic novels and donating them to Heroes For Hope.

Update, 2pm May 5th: During Free Comic Book Day this weekend, I donated any unclaimed graphic novels to Heroes For Hope, where I'm expecting them to find good homes. Over the next week, I'll make the remaining DVDs available for those who want them but on this coming Saturday, anything left over will become property of SkullSpace, Winnipeg's hackerspace in the Exchange :)

Update, 9am May 12th: All my comicbooks and movies have gone to good homes. Thanks to all who were interested, and I hope you enjoy it as much I did!

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