Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

Let's set up the scene...

My friends and I are in a Burning Wheel roleplaying campaign, where I am the game master and they are playing a pair of dwarves. The dwarven characters are looking to do some ambitious excavation to open a mine. This is an extremely difficult challenge for the pair of them to do themselves; this would be a job usually reserved for a larger group of people.

By the rules of the Burning Wheel system, Jon (on the right in the video) is doing the roll. He's managed to gather a large dice pool, but its still unlikely he'll successed without help. For Ross (on the left) to add dice to the pool and assist Jon, he must have a skill that compliments the task... which, it turns out, he does not. Ross's character is very good at hitting things and is experienced in smithing tools and has some esoteric skills due to a noble birth, but nothing that about digging.

He did have the Singing skill, however. Jon suggested Ross's character provide inspiration and morale by singing a "dwarven digging song". It seemed like a bit of a stretch to find a couple more helping dice for the skill check, but we came to a compromise; I just so happened to know an appropriate song...

Bravissimo, guys, you're both good sports! Just a shame that, even with the extra dice, they failed the roll anyway :)

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