Them Bones

This weekend, I had the privilege to attend a good friend's wedding in Ottawa. There were several cameras floating around, both professional and amateur, so over the next week or two, the internet will have plenty of that to flip through without me adding to it :) While I was there for the weekend, I discovered by hotel was a block away from the Canadian Museum Of History. I had a couple free hours and they had some dinosaur exhibits.

I have never seen dinosaur fossils before, so this was a great treat. It was awe inspiring, standing there amongst these massive skeletons, trying to imagine a time when monsters really did roam the earth. As added bonus, the museum also had a couple extras: a showcase of megafauna bones from "extreme mammals", including a full-sized blue whale skeleton!

I've posted the photos of these incredible displays on my Flickr account. They do not convene the full breathtaking experience, however. I recommend taking them in if your ever get the chance.

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