Marlo Vivo #1

She used to be a super-villian named Zip, the "lickety split". She had a gas, but she got caught and she paid the piper for it. Fast forward to today, and she’s tried to stay on the straight and narrow, but it isn’t working out for her. Crummy job, harrassed by cops, and just under the poverty line... the hell with it, stick with what you know!

Click here to read "The Trouble With Being Very Good At Being Very Bad" part 1

Hello folks! It’s been a long time since I put words to screen, but there’s been a bit of a shake-up in my life recently, and I find I get more creative the more down I am. Sparks of creativity, the urge to complete forgotten projects, reasons to just let something out, even if its super-hero fiction.

I re-read the couple issues of Marlo Vivo I had previous released, and hated how it was all coming out. I like some of the beats, but I had done a poor job of realizing a couple key elements, making a couple important factors clever, etc. So I’m throwing most of it away, opting to redo it. This is the first issue of the rewrites... and it is very nearly the same as before. Someone once reviewed this issue, saying it had a really strong set-up. This time, I hope to live up to that. :)