Cover Images, Past Issue Searches, and Google Ads

A couple more covers created. As you can probably tell, some of the ideas for covers come pretty quickly and/or easily to me. Others are either a little harder to picture, or harder to find the right graphics I want to use. Apologies to those who’s issues don’t get a cover until it is pushed "below the fold", but I will try to get one up eventually...

I’m having trouble with the Google past-issue searches, so unfortunately, no series links with the callouts:

Beige Countdown cover image
Beige Countdown

Mister Transparent cover image
Mister Transparent

Coherent Super Stories cover image
Coherent Super Stories

Finally, you may have noticed the Google Ads in the grey area directly below these news items. I work as a professional web developer, so I end up using my own sites to test APIs and such. So, feel free to mostly ignore them... it’s not a money grab, it’s just me fiddling around :)