Playing Around With ePub Formats

I recently discovered that Pages for Mac can export documents as ePub files, the ebook format that iBooks uses. I'm a big fan of reading on my iPad and have been curious about easy ways to bring some RACC publishing onto the tablet. Though it did the job, there were some limitations, so I downloaded and worked with Sigil instead. The process was pretty straight forward since ePub books are basically XHTML files and I'm a web developer by trade

Most of my posts are too short to make into ebooks format (they would be only 3 or 4 pages each, depending on the length) but RACC does have a post format labelled TEB. It stands for "trade etherback", the equivalent of comic book's graphic novels. They are rarely used these days, possibly due individual issues being easier to find with Google Search and individual author's websites. So with this idea, I'm working on collecting the first six issues of my current series, "The Super Wizard From Space", into an ePub book which I will freely distribute... if I get it done. :P

After figuring out Sigil, I spent the rest of an evening playing in Photoshop throwing together a generic RACC trade etherback cover. I wanted it simple to change for other series and volumes. Here's a couple I tossed together as examples.

"The Super Wizard From Space, Volume 1" ebook cover "Metal Fire, Volume 2" ebook cover "Academy of Super-Heroes, Volume 1" ebook cover

The large number at the top is the volume number. The block of flat colour with the main title text would also be used for chapter headings. The name at the bottom would be the author, though I haven't given it any through what would happen if there were more than on author. Hm.

I have no plans on releasing any other TEBs and ebooks other than my own series. I don't what to step on anyone's toes. I used Dave's ASH series simply because I wanted to try a two-colour scheme and it has regularly had a strong red-green motif.