More Covers and Better Site Layout

I've managed to make more progress on my always-in-progress RACC site, reducing the number of pages, but using the remaining space more effectively (hopefully). Gone are many unnecessary subpages, like the RACC blog page; instead, I've rolled them into existing pages for those still interested in that information (for instance, this RACC blog is now under the About page). I will be getting rid of the Contact page as well, adding that form to the bottom section of all pages.

I'm not sure how many RACC-ateers are using this site, but some may have discovered though clicking on bolded issue titles will take them to the RACC Google Group, clicking on the grey-box imprints and/or the reply word-bubble will take them to that same post within this site. I built that specifically so that I would have a better experience reading RACC posts on my iPad... and now I'm thinking of making that the default behaviour. The Google Group link would exist somewhere, but as an extra feature.

Finally, a couple more covers put together over that past week...