Marlo Vivo #2

Marlo’s job was shit. Marlo’s apartment was shit. Marlo’s life was shit. And the straight and narrow path only promised more of the same. Then someone came along with a promise of some easy loot and a chance to run along the wrong side of the fence again... what could possibly go wrong?

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Hello again! When I first put out Marlo Vivo, I wanted to make a villain based series... not the cackling, crazed, rule-the-world sort, but the old-fashioned rob-a-bank kind. The sort that would run around in the sixties and seventies, stealing jewels and losing to the hero and going to jail, only to eventually break out and return a couple issues later. I also wanted it to be dark and grimy and detective-story-ish, the main character a loser with a shitty yet fascinating job.

When I originally wrote this series in 2002 (wow, that long?), I had the occasional shift in perspective, showing what was happening from Detective Nathan Phillips’ point of view. Coming back to the series, I realized that it stretched the intention, making me write an *actual* police crime story in places... when I should have been writing a *criminal* story. So in these rewrites, all those are gone. We only ever see anything from Marlo’s point-of-view.

Hopefully, this will make things not only easier to write (as I don’t have to make real characters of other characters, only impressions of these characters as Marlo would interpret them), but more interesting to write. What will happen when I get to a plot point that’s important to know to understand what’s going on, but Marlo herself does not or cannot know?

Also, Marlo is, by definition, not a nice person. We already know she’s a criminal, we see she would *rather* be a criminal than "normal", and now she’s killed someone... and these are just the issues we’ve see in two posts! I’m curious how people will react to following the point-of-view of this broken individual.

Finally, I streamlined things here, both in plot and in writing. This was originally issues two and three of the original series, now condensed into a single post. The original second issue ended on the same beat as the first, Marlo agreeing to become a criminal; no need to repeat myself, so out that went.

Also, I did a terrible job of the heist the first time around, especially when it came to them actually doing it. In the 2002 issue four, were they on their first bank or their tenth? Were they successful and got nailed on the last bank, or incompetent and caught at their first? Now, a much smaller job, and easier to explain, a lot less ambitious for a third-string villain getting back in the game, and closer to my film-noir feeling.