Night of the RACCies #1

"The Team!"


Author's Note: I might for once launch a RACCies adventure thread, and then just skip to the results! That fits with tradition; old RACCies are still cleaning up the Hungry Past or something. If I properly follow tradition, it'll even be a cascade. I'm going to wait for awards until the team

Power School 2013 #4: I Hear We Have Celebrities!

by Scott Eiler

Power School vs. the Legion comes closer, as we introduce the celebrities in the audience. Next, our Battle Chess teams, as Power School 2013 continues! [LINK] This is Guest Star Week. I can fairly dedicate it, to absent friends of both myself

The LNH Frequently Asked Questions

by Russ Allbery

Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated: 2014-06-07 1.0 Introduction .1 The

Power School 2013 #13: Welcome to Power School Homecoming!

by Scott Eiler

It's time for some introductions, as Power School faces their nemeses: the Legion of Net.ropolis High School! This week, Power School Homecoming gets into full swing. [LINK] We have guest stars this week, but this is kind of like that first Star


"Another Interlude"

by Adrian J. McClure

Here's another drabble: Out-of-The-Loop Lass barged into the Pizza Pit. "Hey guys! Lalo installed the LNH wiki on a more stable server! That means we don't have to worry about the LNHQ blowing up anymore. We can just stop this story-" The group of LNHers and post-trenchcoaters huddled at the

Time Enough For Tea #6

by deucexm

This is the finale, folks. At least for now. It's been a very personal thing for me, as this is based largely on conversations between me and my therapist (this final part not so much), but it has been a delight to write and to read all of the responses, even if I haven't replied back to

Night of the RACCies Prelude! (Re MISC

"The Girl Who Saved the World part 62)"


... > > For unclear reasons, the receptionist began to show signs of alarm. "Do > you always blow up universes?" > > "I only did that once, and they deserved it." > > "What about last month?" her brother asked teasingly. > > "That doesn't count. That was only a local group of galaxies.

The Girl Who Saved the World part 62

by George Phillies

Readers may wish to enhance this: But first, visitors at LNH HQ, speaking to whoever is at the front desk, in events that may not have happened. "Hi, I'm Natural Law Revision Lad, and I'd like to buy tickets for the RACCies ceremony. Two. One for me, one for my sister Cosmic Cataclysm Lass."

Another LNH Title? Really? #8

"Odd Love"

by Adrian J. McClure

Another LNH Title? Really? #8: "Odd Love" A Legion of Net.Heroes story by Adrian McClure **** The cover (yes there's a cover this time!!) shows Frat.Boy and a cute, flamboyant, fat man sitting at a table in a bar, with All Knowing Last Chance Whiner Destiny Woman looming above: "STOP! They

Power School 2013 #2: Battle Chess!

by Scott Eiler

The confrontation between Power School and the Legion of Net.ropolis High School begins to take shape. Meanwhile, last week we learned something was coming from Siberia, so naturally it's time to investigate... outer space!! Power School 2013 continues. [LINK]

Power School 2013: Homecoming! (or, Power School Has a Dog??)

by Scott Eiler

I've finally resumed my habit of publishing Powernaut comics, even unto the far-flung future of 2013. As usual, I'm assembling ingredients and throwing them in a pot until they explode. Here's the start of my ingredient list, because this is Power School Homecoming! Maybe the principa…

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

by Russ Allbery

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The Queen's Roast, a fairy-tale

by Tom Russell

THE QUEEN'S ROAST, a fairy-tale. told by Tom Russell I have no idea if this should be flagged with "ACRA" or not, but if you've read any fairy tales, you probably know the kinds of things to expect! There was once a good king. He was wise and temperate; he was a skilled diplomat and

Liminals #3

by Adrian J. McClure

THE LIMINALS #3: "False Compare" A Legion of Net.Heroes story by Adrian McClure **** Manga Girl was patrolling the vents of the LNHQ. The last time she'd come here it was going after an attempt at making spaghetti that had gone horribly wrong. Now she was tracking a Mini-Balrog. They were

A scene from the future/past of WikiLull...

"A scene from the future/past of WikiLull..."

by Adrian J. McClure

"This," said Occultism Kid, retrieving the orb from the chest, "is an artifact said to have the power to defeat Trump-the Orb of Covfefe. It was forged in the Para.Net.Elemental Plane of Typo. It-" Just then, there was a burst of cosmic energy, and Gets-Angry-At-Overused-Memes Man appeared!

Imprint requests

by deucexm

So after noting the delay in getting Time Enough For Tea processed recently, I thought it might be a good idea to request pre-approval of some tags that have been floating around in my mind. DIVA/WISP: Perhaps obviously, for teatime purposes if nothing else. DIVX: A DiVerse Gaiden (or X-tra,

I have a theory about Nudist Man

by Adrian J. McClure

I've been rereading Saviors of the Net and I have a theory about Nudist Man. We know that: He doesn't wear clothes. He doesn't appear to age (he's been around since the time of the Legion of Net.Hippies). What if he's actually some sort of unfallen Edenic human who is immune…

East Coast Brotherhood HQ sighted!

by Adrian J. McClure

Not long after writing SC #34-35, this tumblr post about an unnerving abandoned mall crossed my dash: [LINK] I don't know what state it's in (maybe the brotherhood's HQ moves around now like the LNHQ does) bu…

Swashbucklers of the Grand Helix #2

by Drew Perron

The Captain stood at the prow of the ship, watching the cosmic sparklings of the Grand Helix shimmer by. The whitecaps were lovely today, and land was coming into sight. The Prince came out of the cabin, put one arm around the Captain's waist and the other round his chest, leaning his

Journey into Procrastination #1

by Adrian J. McClure

Reposting this old ass story of mine in honor of World Dracula Day! Maybe someday I'll write another issue of this series... Journey into Procrastination #1: "Preludes and Distractions" by Adrian J. McClure Part of High Concept Challenge #24: Le Challenge French Note: This is an anthology

Time's Almost Up

by Drew Perron

Just poking everybody to say: Make sure you vote in the RACCies! We've actually got a bunch of ballots so far, so let's make it a really strong race! Drew "heck yeah you're all awesome" Perron

Theme Songs!

by Drew Perron

So, in the interest of getting more discussion going, and also having a place to put my silly thoughts about writing: What band or artist would do the theme song for your series? A few examples I've thought of from stuff I've written: Digital JUMP! would of course be Megumi Hayashibara -

The Superhuman World Wiki: The Mighty Tim!

by Scott Eiler

I got this entry started after the most recent Powernaut series, wherein the Mighty Tim appeared to great effect. I finished it tonight, because I sense a demand for *something* from the Powernaut's regular online audience. [LINK] ... It looks


by Drew Perron

Writer's Block Person walked up to the podium, blinking sleepily at the crowd. "So... I scheduled a big LNH thing launch for May 2nd, but yeah, still working on getting stuff together. So instead of going off without a bang, let's shift it to June 2nd. Thanks!" Drew "yawnle" Perron