"Host of Net.Libertines" Back Issues

Host of Net.Libertines #2

"No Monkey Business"


The streets of chinatown were crowded and busy and loud. People were rushing to and fro, pushing through the many pedestrians and bicyclists, yelling in a mishmash of english and chinese. It was a breezy bright afternoon, and despite the shoulder-to-shoulder shoving, everyone seemed to be in good cheer. Everyone, that is, except the cowboy and the astronaut waiting impatiently outside a small convenience store.

Host of Net.Libertines #1

"Popsicle Stick Prophet"


"I'm hoping to meet the Legion!" "Legion, huh? Are you, um, you supposed to be sooper-heroes?" "Nah. Grant says there's so many that we'd never get noticed. So we're going to be bad guys instead! Bad guys are keen, they get to spend a whole buncha time with the heroes!"