The Girl Who Saved the World Re


by Arthur Spitzer

The best person to ask if your posts aren't getting to RACC would be Russ Allbery (e-mail: eagle at eyrie.org)... Arthur "Posting this to RACC.." Spitzer On Oct 1, 2015, at 5:54 PM, George Phillies wrote: > Hello? > > Once upon a time, rather before dinosaurs roamed the earth, I posted a

The Daily LNH Wiki Entry Spotlight #41

by Arthur Spitzer

The Daily LNH Wiki Entry Spotlight #41 Today's pick is the Limp-Asparagus Lad entry: [LINK] Limp-Asparagus Lad was created by Raymond "wream" Bingham and started his life as a character example in the LNH FAQ before being dragged into continuity by Mystic

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

by Russ Allbery

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Powernaut 2012 #4: I Am Doctor Fu!

by Scott Eiler

The Doctor's special project is revealed, as is some Powernaut world history... hey, wait, that's not a Powernaut in that history! Anyway, the confrontation of Buffaloes vs. Obamas is building, and Powernauts may not be any help! Power School 2012 continues. [LINK]

Wiki Entries For Obscure But Fun Storylines Spotlight #3

by Andrew Perron

This time, it's a twofer. The Bad-Timing Boy-centric LNH Comics Presents story It's All In the Timing, by Jaelle: [LINK] And the multi-writer storyline that ran concurrent with it, Culinary Disasters: [LINK]

RAC Challenge! #9

by Arthur Spitzer

REPOST: RAC Challenge! #9 Chapter by Marc "Notthebeastmaster" Singer who wrote a number of stories for RACC mostly under the OMEGA imprint. He also finished up the Savior of Net cascade.. (and did a very nice job of that..) From: [LINK] (Jerry L Franke) Newsgroups: rec.arts.c

Powernaut 2012 #3: The President is Visiting!

by Scott Eiler

I publish this start of a Presidential visit on a day when one coast of the United States is getting the Pope, the other is getting the President of China, and a "Turn Me Into a Peanuts Cartoon" web site is becoming popular. (www.peanutizeme.com) These all seem strangely appropriate to

High Concept Challenge #56: Sheep

by Saxon Brenton

I've just spent the morning trying to update the running list of High Concept topics, because man it is getting hard to remember what's already been used. But anyway, after a bit of thought, I believe I shall declare High Concept Challenge #56 to be: Sheep. Interpret that as broadly or

Ripping Off King Arthur - #251: The Chainsawrfs Part Four

by Arthur Spitzer

The Futury Chainsawrf... [LINK] Arthur "Timey.." Spitzer

Voting for HCC #55

"now open."

by Michael D Friedman

And the winner is... [LNH20/HCC] Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #14: 'Symbols' By Saxon Brenton The honor of running HCC #56 is now yours!

Dashing Tales #9

by Ben Rawluk

DASHING TALES, episode the seventh, "This isn't The Munsters," by Ben Rawluk They follow the kid. The kid is a net.hero; she can tell by the horrible fashion sense. He's not the first net.hero to stray into the neighbourhood - with the Sanitation Department grinding to a halt under budget

Powernaut 2012 #2: Yay! Power Class!

by Scott Eiler

As some human drama within Power School is revealed, the world holds its breath... well, no, it doesn't! A high-level visitor is coming, as the Powernaut comic formally becomes Power School 2012! [LINK] ... Bonus Section: Pauly's ONLINE Pen

The LNH Frequently Asked Questions

by Russ Allbery

Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated: 2014-06-07 1.0 Introduction .1 The

Who's Who, and What's What, in Seven 'Gainst Thebes

by Tom Russell

WHO'S WHO, AND WHAT'S WHAT, IN "SEVEN 'GAINST THEBES" SEVEN 'GAINST THEBES is a long-form serial running in the short-form monthly anthology series MIGHTY MEDLEY. It's more about tone, texture, and characterization than it is about "plot", and as such the latter moseys along…

Coherent Super Stories #38

"License to Nil"


[The cover is midnight blue with a white silhouette of a seagull, flying towards the lower left corner of the page.] ____________________________________________________________________________ .|, COHERENT An ASHistory Series -+----

voting coming soon

by Michael D Friedman

Hey all, Sorry about the delay in getting the HCC poll up for this edition. I've been busy closing on a new house and moving. I probably should've picked a more convenient date for me, huh? ;) It's coming... - Mike.

Powernaut 2012 #1: 100 Years of Powernaut!

by Scott Eiler

heh. Perhaps I should get a Procrastination Award for this year's comics, because I took two and a half years to get to this story. I'd planned to take longer, but the story couldn't be denied... Powernaut 2012 Is Here! [LINK] My worlds hav…

The Superhuman World Wiki: Secret Commando!

by Scott Eiler

Heh. I just finished a Powernaut "bye" week story, in which several characters were important. I have a new Wiki entry for one of them. I mentioned the entry within the story, but one might easily miss that among my copious links to Superhuman World history. So I provide it separately here.

Wiki Entry I'm Not Sure I'm Proud of But I'm Putting It Out There Anyway #2

by Andrew Perron

So, I scoured both Google Groups and the Eyrie archive and put this together: [LINK] At some point I want to read through the old stuff and make pages for it, but today it seems incredibly overwhelming. Ah well~ (Also, I've updated [LINK]

Variant Covers

by Tom Russell

COVER # 1 Towering skyscrapers loom in the night, thick blocks of concrete and steel stretching into the blackness. A thin red line of light runs straight up the side of one building before ending in a tiny circle: the insignia of the insidious body-terror group FEVER. A lone figure stands on

Jolt City #23

"...Their Last Adventure!, Part 1 of 3"

by Tom Russell

Ten years ago, Jamie Rosen and I started the Eightfold Universe. Later that same year, I began writing GREEN KNIGHT, the story of dying superhero Ray Cradle and his estranged ex-sidekick Martin Rock. At the conclusion of that series, Martin took on his mentor's mantle as sworn protector of Jolt

Mighty Medley #21

"September 2015, by Brenton, McClure, Perron, Russell, and Russell"

by Tom Russell



"Back in Action by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 51 Back in Action by J. Vandersteen - GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: Back in Action An arrow flies through the air. It hits a moving snowman, the arrow tip explodes when it hits the snowman's head, snow flying everywhere. Standing in the middle of a group of snowmen is

System Corruptors #33

"Exclusive Economic Zone"

by Andrew Perron

VVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVV 8D SYSTEM CORRUPTORS D8 V^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^VV^^^^^^V Issue #33: "Exclusive Economic Zone"

Power-Star Comics 1984 #6: Saved by the Turtle!

by Michael D Friedman

Love the "think" lines. :) ...And so the challengee becomes the challenger. I shall have to think of a way to incorporate Mr. Turtle into the TOF world

Power-Star Comics 1984 #6: Saved by the Turtle!

by Scott Eiler

Carefully guest-crafted by Tom Russell to draw you in and engage you for a good long read of a good short story... Just Kidding! Speedily crafted by *me* to entertain you for thirty seconds! [LINK] ... Yes, you read those headers right. This

Ripping Off King Arthur #250: - The Chainsawrfs Part Three

by Arthur Spitzer

More Chainsawrfs.. [LINK] Arthur "Another strip.." Spitzer