"The Rise of the New Godling part 1: Trial by fire by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 41:  The Rise of the New Godling part  1: Trial by fire by J. Vandersteen - GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Rise of the New Godling part  1: Trial by fire Olympus. Ares is fighting the new Godling with a sword. Godling is doing the best he can do to parry the attacks although he ca

Powernaut 1969 #8: Can We Just Call Ourselves Powernauts?

by Scott Eiler

If the team keeps calling itself Powernaut and the Power Patrol and the Agents of P.O.W.E.R.N.A.U.T., they'll spend more time displaying their logo than hunting the villain.  So let's get this hunt moving!  ... Powernaut 1969 Part 2 begins. [LINK]

The LNH Frequently Asked Questions

by Russ Allbery

                           Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated:               2014-06-07 …

The Return of the RACC Hall of Fame?

by Andrew Perron

So, we've had the Hall of Fame on hiatus for several years now. I think it may be time to bring it back. First, I like the idea of it being a summer/fall thing, with the RACCies as a winter/spring thing. What do you think? Second, I've been looking through old posts, and I noticed this: ht…

Jolt City #22

"October Surprise! (Part 1 of 3)"

by Tom Russell

Pocket Vito stands on his desk, resting his tiny cigar in a tiny ashtray. "Lissen up, you mugs! "I'm head of this city, see? "And anyone who thinks otherwise is in for an... "...OCTOBER SURPRISE!" EIGHTFOLD PROUDLY PRESENTS ////////////// [8F-118] TOM RUSSELL'S ////  //////  /// //////  ////// ///

The Great Alice Chapter 7

"The Down Time"

by Andrew Perron

                            The Great Alice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 7: The Down Time Alice reached the end of the hall and noticed a confessional booth. She looked around, checking to see if it was safe, and dashed into the booth. "Ah, I see that-" "WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME OF THAT HUGE THING!?" y


"Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 1"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

-        GODLING's WORLD #  10:  Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 1 by J. Vandersteen Octo-Boy & Agent Destruction in: National Security? Part 1 Bay City... An army of armed FBI agents surrounds a battered and neglected looking bungalow. Among them is Special Agent Marcia

Powernaut 1969 #7: Who Here Can Hunt?

by Scott Eiler

It looks like Our Heroes are finally working together.  Villain Time is coming!  ... Powernaut 1969 continues.  This marks the end of Part One - but Part Two is coming next week! [LINK] - (signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -- [LINK]

New Bosnia Scorecard (Re LNH/REVIEW: Kid Review's Roundup - June 2014)

by Scott Eiler

Yes, the Super-Savior is an SW10 native...  I might as well publish the whole scorecard now.  Collect them all! - Catalogue of Universes: - SW10 (Superhuman World 10) plus variants MW01, MW02, TW03 - LNH (Legion of Net.Heroes / Looniverse) plus variant Tooniverse, incorporating elements of…

What is this 'soul' thing you speak of, Earth man?: (was: 8FOLD: Mighty Medley #7)

by Saxon Brenton

Hurm.  Okay, for a very long time I have been aware that when I start a thread the post I send gets posted almost immediatley, but when I respond it takes maybe half a day for it to turn up. That said, it has been several days now, and I will regrettfully conclude that the post below has been e…

The Super Wizard From Space #48

"The Red Hand Of General Dragutin, part 5"


"What I'm doing, it has to be done. Because someone has to do it. Because no one else is doing it. They're scared of what might happen. Scared of what they could lose. Scared of things they can't change. We can't live like that."

Kid Review's Roundup - June 2014

by Andrew Perron


A new Catalyst Lass picture....

by Arthur Spitzer

I drew another Catalyst Lass pict... [LINK] Arthur "For those Catheads out there..." Spitzer

You Need to Learn What Hypergaard Is!

by Scott Eiler

Like they say in 1969:  Come together! [LINK] ... Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Stephen Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)!  A Traveler's Guide to Hypergaard: That Explains a Lot ... Based on my earlier observations, I'd alr…

Ripping Off King Arthur - #193: I'd Love To Completely Redraw the World Part Thirteen

by Arthur Spitzer

Punk Rokkafeller - Philanthropist Supreme? [LINK] Arthur "Noseringless..." Spitzer

Orphans of Mars: To Bell The Cat #4

by Tom Russell

Danalee crouches near a well-knotted tree about half a kilometer from the destroyed remains of the ancient ship. She runs her fingertips back and forth through the dirt, then knits her brow and sighs. "Lost the trail?" says Quasha. "There wasn't a trail to begin with," says Danalee. "That's the prob

Cover Gallery #23i

by Saxon Brenton

[LNH/HCC] Cover Gallery #23i ][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][ The cover shows the inside of a bus station, which has been overrun with teddy bears who are sitting on blankets, drinking tea and eating sandwiches and cupcakes and other snack foods.  Senses Lass a

Mighty Medley #7

"July 2014, by Messrs. Alambre, Brenton, Jurich, Perron & Russell (ASCII friendly edition!)"

by Tom Russell

------------- ----EIGHTFOLD PROUDLY PRESENTS---- ------------- ##     ## ####  ######   ##     ## ######## ##    ## ###   ###  ##  ##    ##  ##     ##    ##     ##  ## #### ####  ##  ##        ##     ##  

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

by Russ Allbery

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Powernaut 1969 #5: We Tracked a Kidnapping to YOU!

by Scott Eiler

Hey, be cool, man, or someone's gonna get hurt...  That hyper-explosive situation in Hypergaard just exploded.  Powernaut 1969 continues! [LINK] ... Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary  from Stephen Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)! …

Powernaut 1969 #4: Big Buildings AND Big People!

by Scott Eiler

So far, the situation's merely been explosive.  It's about to get hyper-explosive...  Welcome to Hypergaard! [LINK] ... Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary from Stephen Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)!    A Traveler's…

Journey Into #19

"Wobblies on a Train!"

by Tom Russell

  _____  EIGHTFOLD PROUDLY PRESENTS _|     |.--.-.-.-.--.--.-.-. |       ||  _  |  |  |   _|     |  -__|  |  | |_______||_____|_____|__| |__|__|_____|___  | [8F-115] |_____| __         __                 ____   ______ |__|.--.|  |_.--.       |_   | |  __  | |  ||     ||   _|  _

New Bosnia #2

"The Land of Coins and Diners"


NEW BOSNIA Part 2:  The Land of Coins and Diners - What Has Gone Before: The superhuman former basketball player Scott Stiles, also known as the Super Savior, has led 144,000 religious refugees from his famine-stricken Earth to an alternate Earth whose leading power is Turkey.  The Turks were r

Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending #10

"Good Duck!"


What Has Gone Before:  (from Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending #9, by Andrew Perron) ... "The force that created our civilization, that raised us up from mere animals - how appropriate to use it to stop the one who betrayed us!" Atomic Rabbit pointed the Kub

Powernaut 1969 #3: Playing with Portals, Are We?

by Scott Eiler

Poke poke...  Let's hope nothing breaks!  Powernaut 1969 continues, and Hypergaard is on the horizon. [LINK] Bonus Section:  2005 Reprint Commentary  from Stephen Oliver Samuels (S.O.S.)!    A Traveler's Guide to …

New Webcomic! (Acraphobe!)

by Arthur Spitzer

Okay.  I've been working on a brand new webcomic (this time in color) and have posted the first strip today. Warning:  This strip is NSFW and Only People 18 or older should read it! It's a porn webcomic (Haha - No Seriously!)  The first strip is pretty tame, but the second s…

LNH FAQ Update - Final Version

by Andrew Perron

Here we go! Let me know if anyone sees any problems for this, but for now, Russ, here's what I'm submitting: Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated:               2014-06…