Looniverse Y #15

"The Tale of Firefighter"

by Andrew Perron

                          _____        _____          /    /        /    /      /    /    /    /        /      / L     O     O     N     I     V     E     R     S     E |     | |     | -- N U M B E R F I F T E E N [ You know those covers where you collect nine different version

High Concept Challenge 50â

by Saxon Brenton

[Tsk.  Second posting.  Sorry Eagle, I forgot the tags] I've considered a number of options (of varying degrees of silliness) but none of them seemed to be appropriate for the big 50.  So I'll be dreadfully prosaic and nominate the theme for this challenge as: An anniversary celebration. Contest e


by Tom Russell

So, to recap: starting on her twenty-second birthday, Maggie Bernard has undergone a nightly transformation into a pink flesh-eating monster, and accidentally killed her best and only friend, Tyler Bridge. Eager for a change of scenery, she placed an advert looking for a roommate and a place to stay


"The Circuit in: Short-Circuited by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING's WORLD #  12:  The Circuit in: Short-Circuited  by J. Vandersteen The Circuit in: Short-Circuited An armoured truck drives through the streets of New York. Inside, the driver tells the guy sitting next to him, "Don't you feel uneasy with this cargo?" "Not really, we're just window dressi

Death of Trophy Wife #4

by Andrew Perron

"God is dead." "Actually, he's in a coma." The teenage girl was wearing a black kosode and hakama, with a white shitagi underneath. Her purple-and-silver hair stood out in bright contrast, as did her enormous green eyes. Her quill pen flicked over the clipboard she was holding. "But I understand th

Ripping Off King Arthur - #214: Cantaloupe Dreams

by Arthur Spitzer

Dr. Vivian N Tropolis dreams about cantaloupe!  (A three part strip - click grey numbered boxes for each part)! [LINK] Arthur "Melons!" Spitzer

The LNH Frequently Asked Questions

by Russ Allbery

                           Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated:               2014-06-07 …

questions, like about what type of participation, from an artist

by David Melik

Eyrie.org seems to have a FAQ for this newsgroup that says the it is largely about fiction, but that there may also be art in the archives. Is this newsgroup also one in which artists and writers can meet to work on comics projects? I am a lifelong fine/realist/comic artist (and award-winning) who

Tales from Ohio Academy #1

by Andrew Perron

There were two moons in the sky on the morning Skylar Smith started school. She ran through the grassy lawns between the dorms and the lecture halls, jeans swishing, afro-puffs bobbing. She'd actually *been* at school for a week now, because it was a boarding school, but this was the first *class*,

Powernaut 1944 #11: Power Stars starring Lass Lady!

by Scott Eiler

Finally someone thinks of China!  And women!  And especially women in China! November 2014 has been declared the month of "LNH Returns!"  So the LNH is returning... to Powernaut comics!  Thank you, Andrew; this strip fills a need in the Powernaut Axis-Fightin' Universe. http…

So How's the Pizza?

by Scott Eiler

The alien killing machine raised his paddle against the panda nature-avatar.  The paddle held Engines of Reality. Energy burst forth... ... On another level of reality, the Writer put his picture of the panda and the killing machine away, as the waitress delivered his pizza.  But then the …

Powernaut 1944: Power Stars starring the Diabolical Devilman!

by Scott Eiler

There's a fine line between heroic and diabolical, and someone's got to walk it...  Here he is!  Thank you, Wil, for this chance to produce a classic mini-adventure of the Diabolical Devilman. [LINK] The Diabolical Devilman comes fr…

HCC 49 voting

by Tom Russell

Let the voting commence! Five authors enter... and one author gets to pick our FIFTIETH challenge. That's a Five next to a Zero! Can you believe it? Anyway- here's the link. [LINK] Voting closes on the night of Sunday the 16th.

Cover Gallery #26i

by Andrew Perron

 ][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][ In the foreground is a dark figure, floating in the air surrounded by a nimbus of Kirby dots. Next to him stands the Shoe Devil, cackling as he feeds energy into the form. In the background, Figment Lad, Useless Background Chara

Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #12

by Andrew Perron

Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #12: "The Deepest Dish" By Andrew Perron **** Out on the fringes of the Omnilooniverse, in the astral foam that is created when a Looniverse bounces off the Barrier before mixing gently into the slurry of the Superhuman Worlds, there is a bubble reality. Many such re

Limp-Asparagus Lad Vol.2


by Saxon Brenton

[LNH/HCC] Limp-Asparagus Lad Vol.2 #0  [HCC49] Limp-Asparagus Lad Vol.2 #0 A Legion of Net.Heroes title 'Family' written by and copyright 2014 Saxon Brenton (also part of the 49th High Concept Challenge) Art by Fred H*mback ------------------ Co


"The Rise of the New Godling part 3: At Full Power by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

- GODLING - THE ONE MAN PANTHEON:  The Rise of the New Godling part  3:  At Full Power Tartarus II. Quentin Alexander's unconscious body is picked up by a New Hekatoncheire, one of the robotic guards with hundreds of tentacles for arms and legs. "Morpheus beam effective. Intruder asleep. Will take

Ripping Off King Arthur - #212: It's Phnne ot im Frdayy!!!! XXXI

by Arthur Spitzer

Narration bloopers! [LINK] Arthur "Oops!" Spitzer

Tenth Anniversary Mini-Event!

by Andrew Perron

2014 is the tenth anniversary of the LNHY imprint. And as part of LNH RETURN!, I'm going to do a mini-event to celebrate the unique structure of the imprint. As every schoolchild knows, the main two teams of LNHY - the LNH and the System Corrupters - only allow one character per writer, who mus…

The Longest LNH Issue of All Time?

by Andrew Perron

Posted yesterday, LNH v2 #50 is 31,128 words long (according to Google Docs), and 4411 lines (according to Notepad2). Is this the longest single LNH issue of all time? Some possibilities for longer ones off the top of my head: * Legion of Occult Heroes #7 * Beige Midnight #12 ...and that's all …

LNH20 Comics Presents #18

"Rising Action"

by Andrew Perron

LNH20 Comics Presents #18 The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 18: "Rising Action" Chapter 18 in a chaotic add-on cascade Part of LNH RETURN! By Andrew Perron - Deep within W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R.'s secret headquarters, Andrea watched a room full of lights flash on and off, reels of magnetic tape spinning fu

LNH Pictures..: LNH Pictures..

by Arthur Spitzer

The Ultimate Ninja and Throbby the Talking Severed Heart.. [LINK] Arthur "Drawring.." Spitzer

Ripping Off King Arthur - #210: Ten Years After Part Nine

by Arthur Spitzer

World's Slowest Zombie - Ten Years After! [LINK] Arthur "Taking my time.." Spitzer

Powernaut 1944 #8: Power Stars starring the Secret Commando!

by Scott Eiler

Uh oh, more 1944!  Powernaut 1969 provides the first of four new Power Stars. [LINK] The Secret Commando has previously appeared in stories from 2003 (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/sanitarium.htm) to 2006 (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2006/g…