"Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen"

by jvdste...@gmail.com

GODLING # 55 Live on Stage by J. Vandersteen – GODLING – THE ONE MAN PANTHEON: Live on Stage A TV studio with a big live studio audience. On a stage sits the beautiful TV reporter Bonnie Colter. She says, “People in the audience, people at home… It’s so nice to have you witness this

Classic LNH Adventures #19


by Arthur Spitzer

LNH: Classic LNH Adventures #19: RETCON HOUR Alpha In this weeks reposting of stuff you can find in the eyrie archive [LINK] we have the first part of RETCON HOUR. Okay, Retcon Hour is one of the biggest crossovers in LNH History (well, at least in terms of the

The Daily LNH Wiki Entry Spotlight #96

by Arthur Spitzer

The Daily LNH Wiki Entry Spotlight #96 Today's pick is the Swordmaster entry: [LINK] Created by Matt "Badger" Rossi this LNH'r leads the LNH subgroup the Load Island Renegades. He's the best swordsman in the world and he has a father who's only known to the world

Darkhorse #3

"Like a Window To Your Heart"

by Tom Russell

Melody Mapp was fourteen and dying when her mother gave up her own life to give her six more years. Since that day, Melody has used this borrowed time, and the super-speed that came with it, to protect the Earth and make a difference. She has four days left. ____ __ __

Preview of upcoming comic "HIT GIRLZ"

by the-d...@webtv.net

Hi guys. My partner Monique and I are working on a brand new comic now that The Continentals has ended. The new comic is called "HIT GIRLZ", it's about a pair of tweenage girls who balance the pressures of high school and social minefield of social media by being hired assassins for the mob. So…

The LNH Frequently Asked Questions

by Russ Allbery

Version 4.0 Administered by: Andrew Perron (pwe...@gmail.com) The FAQ was last updated: 2014-06-07 1.0 Introduction .1 The

The Superhuman World Wiki: Secret Commando - Update!

by Scott Eiler

The Secret Commando and his grandson Wyatt Ferguson both showed up in Labrador, Canada in 2007, to raid a secret compound. They were both surprised to find each other there. Wyatt wrote his part of the story years ago (before First Contact with RACC, but one might review [LINK]

2015 Final Voting Ballot

by Drew Perron

The voting period's almost closed, and I still only have two ballots! If you're getting 'em in, please hurry!

Mighty Medley #29

"May 2016, by Messrs. Brenton, McClure, Russell, and Stokes"

by Tom Russell

------------- ----EIGHTFOLD PROUDLY PRESENTS---- ------------- ## ## #### ###### ## ## ######## ## ## ### ### ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ## #### #### ## ## ##

The Girl Who Saved the World 41

by George Phillies

Morgana Lafayette would be available as a presenter. The wind gusted, hard enough that the shutters rattled. “However, I am keeping you up late,” Morgana continued, “I still have a paper to write, and I’ve given your children their grades. They are all Excellent. Your meal was wonderful, and

Free Powernaut Comic Day - The Happy Bears Coloring Page!

by Scott Eiler

It's that time of year again, and Powernaut Comics has once again joined in. I'll admit, though, this year's episode was cheaper than usual to publish. [LINK] - (signed) Scott Eiler 8{D> -- [LINK] --- When you

The Superhuman World Wiki: Powernaut 2005!

by Scott Eiler

The Powernaut All-Star Break continues. But there's still *something* every week, if I do it right. [LINK] The main contribution of this entry, is the overview of Powernaut 2005 history. Go figure. I suppose I should have started writing

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]: - 'Let's get Pragmatical!'

by Russ Allbery

Last-modified: 2014-08-05 Posted-by: postfaq 1.17 (Perl 5.20.2) Archive-name: comics/creative/faq URL: [LINK] Posting-frequency: monthly rec.arts.comics.creative Frequentl

The Girl Who Saved the World 40

by George Phillies

Password Lord and His Three Trusty Companions would be delighted to go on an adventure. Patrick and Abigail looked at each other. “We’ve told both of them,” Patrick said, “that if they ever want to talk to us they can. If they want someone else to talk to, we can arrange that. They both said

Powernaut Comics, in Order of Publication

by Scott Eiler

heh, I had to kludge the records a bit. ... 1. 1941 #1 (The Powernaut Smashes Through) - Year One, Dec 2011 - Dec 2012 2. 1941 #2 3. 1941 #3 4. 1941 #4 5. 1941 #5 6. 1941 #6 7. 1941 #7 8. 1941 #8 9. 1954 #1 (Kidnapped to

The Superhuman World Wiki: Spanker 4!

by Scott Eiler

The Powernaut All-Star Break is on! I have come to enjoy one month off every year, to concentrate on other projects - such as the RACCies, which I kind of enjoy writing. Speaking of which... Something got nominated. That gets him his own Wiki! And of course, other projects such as the

Ripping Off King Arthur #259: - Line Crossing Part Two

by Arthur Spitzer

More Dr. Deadbeat/Learny Chainsawrf fun! [LINK] Arthur "Posting link..." Spitzer

2015 Second Voting Ballot

by Drew Perron

A version with all the little things fixed! The RACCies are a two-step process: 1.) Nominations. Closed! 2.) Elections. This is crunch time! Pick three nominees from each category and rank them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (again, no voting for oneself or one's stories). Track and

Another LNH Title? Really? #6

"- 'Let's get Pragmatical!'"

by Arthur Spitzer

[Cover: A gigantic monstrosity pulls superbeings out of a gigantic Iron Crown while batting helicopters into skyscrapers. Pulls-Paper- Out-of-Hats Lad desperately tries to find a miracle in his own hat. Bold text at the bottom of the page: "Introducing ** Only-Does-Good- Deeds-For-Pragmatic-Rea

WikiLull chapter the 12th

"Know what we need? Even MORE characters!"

by Adrian J. McClure

within its rumples and well-worn creases, darkness swelled, and the eerie high screech of ripping reality shivered through the air. "Now, with the eldritch power of the Last Trenchcoat, I can combine the Worlds' Addresses harvested from Google Groups with the robots.txt of the LNH Wiki - AND

Thu Daely LNG Wikki Antry Sputlight #91

by Arthur Spitzer

LNH: Thu Daely LNG Wikki Antry Sputlight #91 Tooday's pik iz thu Splling Boe antry: [LINK] Creeted bi Bll Shurmun, thes LNG'r punnishes thoz thit wuold daer tu speel wurds rong! Arrthur "Gud speeler" Spetzer

Powernaut 1985 #21: Let's Build This Pentahedron!

by Scott Eiler

Five Powernauts. Fourteen Heroes of the '80s. They each have a job to do. If they can get it done, they'll be putting this sun down *again*, just like in 1966... Powernaut 1985 continues! [LINK] Author's Notes: Tonight, summer has come

Extend-a-Story and the Legion: Extend-a-Story and the Legion

by Adrian J. McClure

So this year, I've been going back and writing on a site that was formative for me as a writer back in the day, Extend-a-Story. That's a branching choose-your-own adventure site that has been going since 1999, descendend from the now-defunct Addventure.com Anyway, the main interactive stor…

The Continentals Vol 153, Issue 6

by George Phillies

attempt their acrobatic escape to safety. Definitely better than swinging across and hitting a brick wall between the windows. And now they are going to be pursued by a flaming Abbeline.