More Adventures of the L'il Fred Cammies

The larp game started out pretty slowly, with a couple people not being able to make it, and those that did make it weren’t showing any initiative to do anything. However, talking started, rumours of "rat-men" in the sewers! It wasn’t long until people were charged up, wanting to go looking... including two lone Toreador. :)

Toreador In The Sewers

Etienne: So!

Elderon: So! Here we are!

Etienne: Yep, waist deep in sewer water and who knows what else, looking for rat men! Good thing I took off my good coat!

Elderon: Good thing I changed into my good sewer-crawling coat.

Etienne: Okay, now to start looking! Um... do you know how to investigate?

Elderon: No, do you?

Etienne: No, I’m afraid not.

Elderon: That’s all right, we know they’ve been messing with cabling and wiring. Do you know anything about security or repairing stuff?

Etienne: No, I thought you might?

Elderon: Hm, no, not me.

Etienne: Okay. How about we approach this another way? What do we know about Rat Men?

Elderon: Um. They are rats. Who are also men?

Etienne: That pretty much covers everything I know too.

Elderon: I guess we should have learned more about them.

Etienne: Maybe we can! They are rat-men, right? Perhaps they speak to rats!

Elderon: Excellent suggestion! However, we are not Gangrel, we cannot speak to rats.

Etienne: Oh, right. Right.

Elderon: But as Toreador, we can push into minds and read thoughts! Will that work with a rat, can we read animals’ thoughts?

Etienne: I do not have that Discipline. I don’t know.

Elderon: Neither do I. Nuts.

Etienne: We are completely the wrong people to be here, aren’t we?

Elderon: I’m afraid so.

Etienne: Oh well, we should leave then... um, do you remember where we came in?

Elderon: I thought you were paying attention.

Etienne: Wonderful. *sigh*

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