Vertical Monitor

So at the Visual Lizard offices, I had a chance to try out a different monitor for a second screen. The reason I was interested in trying it out, despite having my own second monitor already, was because this other monitor’s base allowed it to be rotated 90 degrees.

Hooking it up to the Macbook Pro and configuring it was easy, and soon I had my main screen in portrait mode...

Experimenting with a vertical monitor setup

I was amazed by how logical this setup was. After all, how often do I need to scroll horizontally when working? I work on web pages and text documents, elements that both present their information vertically. I could view much more of a webpage on one screen before needing to scroll. I could view two or three times the number of lines of code while developing. Even using Apple Mail, in it’s default layout (messages at top, open mail message at bottom, folders along the left side), I found I had so much more room!

I was so impressed by this that over the weekend, I went over to Futureshop and picked up an HP w2207h 22 inch monitor for home. And of course, I picked that specific model because it’s base also allowed for the screen to be viewed in portrait mode!

Purchased a vertical monitor for home

I’ve only had the screen for a day at this writing, and I’ve never had such a bright, glossy screen before, so it’s had to tell how this will work out long term. However, I’ve needed a second screen for home for a while now, and if the vertical "fad" wears off, I can always tilt it back to it’s normal, horizontal widescreen mode.

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