Adding The Player Data To Sang Nordique

More progress on the the Sang Noridique website, though the layout will still only work reliably on Safari :) This past week, I’ve been working on porting over player and character information from the old Fred site to the new site.

About Page Revamp
More about-like information will be populating the about pages. For example, the about the game and larp page now has information about the STs, the ombudsman, and more. The news archive of significant posts still exist, just on their own separate pages now.

List of Player Characters
The list of player characters have been ported over from the old Fred site to the new kindred citizens page, divided up by clan. I did it mostly off existing data and from memory, so I expect it still needs lots of updating :)

List of Court Officers
This data is pulled from the same player data as the kindred citizens page. You notice on the court officers page, as with a couple others, a black sub-navigation appear in the sidebar. This sub-navigation allows quick access to content of really long pages.

Player Login
It is not completely ready, but I needed the login screen up to do development. Player logins will be based on email addresses, and we hope to automate the process of handing out passwords.

Players Only Editing Area
The players only area has a slightly different colouring, to make it obvious that your in a different area of the site. Players will, at first, only be able to manage their character profile, but hopefully we’ll be able to sneak in some extra functionality... like the current Prince being able to edit the princely editcs page perhaps?

You can click on any of the pics above to see them on Flickr. As before, comments welcome. :)

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