Laying Out The Sang Nordique Site

Work continues on the new Sang Nordique site for the vampire LARP I participate in. I put in a couple hours over the weekend, using CSS to layout the navigation and most of the content areas in a way I was mostly comfortable with. Currently, I can only guarentee the styles work as advertised in Safari, but eventually, I’ll get one of my work’s CSS gurus to help it work properly in all other browsers.

In the meantime, here are some screenshots for people to comment over. You can click on any of them to see them bigger on Flickr. The site is laid out in the same manner as the old Fred By Night site was; the navigation is on the left, with a distinct separation between in-character and out-of-character information.

Intro Vampire
An example of a basic content page, in this case the introduction to vampire page. In the sidebar, you can see how the navigation and sub-navigation will work. The "intro vampire" nav item is a sub-page of the "about the game and larp" page, hence the styles on those two links. Also, the main content’s title shares the small-text-big-captalized-text motif.

Online Resources
Another content page, this time the list of online resources. This page shows paragraphs, headings, and how tables are displayed. The tables should have a slightly darker background, to make them stand out, but I might not have them dark enough yet :/

Gimli Newspaper
We’ve all seen how the in-character newspaper pages look, and they haven’t changed much since thier original implementation. A little wider, bigger fonts, easier to read over all, but other than that, I liked the way it looked, so not much fiddling here!

About The Domain Of Gimli
Finally, a big list of news articles in the about the domain of gimli page. This page in the old site didn’t have much content, so now it (and it’s mirror, the in-character about the setting and larp page) now echoes some important postings to teh in-character and out-of-character yahoo groups. What counts as an important post? Completely arbitrary decisions by whoever is web admin, of course :P

Anyway, there it is. And of course, It’s live online line, if you want to poke around... just don’t be surprised if your using Internet Explorer or something, and it looks nothing like the above! Comments always welcome.

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