Which Vampire the Masquerade Clan Are You?

The Rabble {Brujah}

6 Assamite, 16 Brujah, 9 Gangrel, -6 Malkavian, 3 Nosferatu, 11 Toreador, 6 Tremere, 10 Ventrue, 3 Lasombra, 4 Tzimisce, 8 Setites, 12 Giovanni and 2 Ravnos!

The Brujah are a clan of action. Unlike the other clans who sit and complain about the way things are, the Brujah actually do something about it. Known for their intimidating demeanor and their ability to follow orders, the Brujah are the muscle of the undead. They are a violent group who fly off the handle very easily. They’re not known for their intelligence, in other words, they’re not very smart but they CAN lift heavy things so they are useful. Most Brujah fancy themselves to be anarchs and revolutionists but they’ll use any excuse to start a fight.

For you to be a Brujah means that you don’t care much for artsy culture but you do like to punch people. You probably listen to Metallica cranked all the way up and call yourself a metal fan. However, if anyone disagrees you will probably take them the f*ck out. You make your living by intimidation. In short the Brujah are either amazing revolutionists or muscle bound morons. You make the call.

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