Mass Combat With The L'il Fred Cammies

Our LARP game Saturday night broke out in a pretty decent-sized combat scene. It didn’t last long, but our resident Samedi, played by Chad discovered some clans will jump at an opportunity... sometimes at the exact same moment!

As always, the truth is stretched for the sake of comic entertainment! :)

Postit note, Seth and Phillipe

Brujah: Blarg! Rah! Woo woo woo! Frenzy! Frenzy! Frenzy!

Clan Toreador: Oh no! The stakes, they do nothing! Keep stabbing!

Phillipe: Samedi power time! Touch Brujah! Ooey gooey rot effect activate!

Clan Toreador: Ew!

Brujah: Ow! holy f#$k that hurts!

Clan Toreador: Stake Brujah! Stabbity stabbity stab stab stab!

Brujah: ... *staked*

Phillipe: Whew! Glad that’s over with! Good job everyone!

Clan Toreador: ... *look at each other, then at Samedi again*

Phillipe: Uh oh...

Clan Toreador: Stake Samedi! Stabbity stabbity stab stab stab!

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