Another Moment With the L'il Fred Cammies

I was in a scene at our LARP game Saturday night, when we had another crack-up moment. Was poked and reminded about it enough to make the below quick sketch.

Guest starring Chad as his character Phillipe, and Jaryd as the inanimate bottle of pills... and as always, the truth is stretched for the sake of comic entertainment! :)

Postit note, Seth and Phillipe

Seth *pulls out a perscription bottle and chomps down on half a dozen little white pills*

Phillipe: ...? Static challenge with my medicine ability, please. To find out what those pills actually are.

Seth: Ok.

Phillipe *throws scissors*

Inanimate bottle of pills *throws the bomb*

Phillipe: Yes, scissors beats bomb!

Inanimate bottle of pills ...

Phillipe: ... wait, why the hell did you throw the bomb?

Inanimate bottle of pills *calls for Brawl retest*

Phillipe: Um... Medicine cancel?

Inanimate bottle of pills *calls for Might retest*

Phillipe: What Might retest? It’s a Medicine static challenge!

Seth: Well... it obviously has at least Vigor.

Phillipe: Holy shit, those must be some damn good pills!

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