Newspapers and Photo Galleries for the Fred By Night Website

This week, I found I had some free time on my hands, so I pulled out my to-do list... you know, the one everyone keeps listing all the things they promise to do when they have some free time, but really, rarely get around to doing at all? I hunkered down at my computer and added some much-requested features to the Fred By Night website...

Fred By Night

The new elements are an updated newspaper archive and a fancy shmancy gallery of photos. Both items can be accessed through the left sidebar navigation , and are currently featured in the right sidebar latest updates areas.

Fred By Night

The changes to the in-character newspaper archive are mostly a back-end one, which means the regular user will not see too many changes. The choose issue pulldown has been formatted a little differently, to make finding an issue based on year a little easier. The big change has been in the way the news articles are saved and retrieved, making it easier for the site admins to keep the archive up to date.

Fred By Night

A new addition to the Fred By Night site is the Photo Galleries page, accessible from the link in the top left navigation. Wait for the entire page to load, then click on any thumbnail to view the full sized image (with caption). It uses a little bit of javascript for the fancy zoom-in, but the gallery will work just fine without it. Keeping the gallery up to date is still a bit cumbersome for the web admins, but we’ll see what we can do!

The Fred By Night web developers are currently working on a new site that entirely uses PHP and MySQL, but as new features are developed, we’re moving some of them front and center. Let us know what you think!

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