More Upcoming Releases I'm Excited About

Was going through my email and RSS feeds, and discovered a couple more items coming up quickly that I’m excited about! A year or so ago, I was on top of release schedules and spoilers so much that not much snuck up on me anymore... today, however, is filled with pleasant surprise!

Dig Lazarus Dig, by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

First up, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds have released their new album, called Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! and so far, it is excellent. It hasn’t been released in the US (and Canada) yet, but you can listen to the title track on their redesigned website, and listen to the full album on their Myspace page. I’ve been a fan of Nick Cave since Grinderman, and am looking forward to listening to his new stuff to death. :P

Army Of Two videogame

Second, it looks like Army Of Two for the Xbox 360 is finally coming out this week! If people know me and videogames, they know I love a good co-op console game! Once I find some free time this week (or next week, sigh) I’m running over to HMV downtown, grabbing a copy, and kidnapping someone to try this bad boy out! Be forewarned! ;)

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