DVDs and Pictures

Just got an e-mail that confirms that Battlestar Galactica Season 3 DVD boxset is finally going to be released, specifically on March 18! Yes! All my friends have been very polite, not dropping any spoilers while I was running around with my fingers in my ears, but I’ve seen how excited and satisfied they’ve been with the show... and I have been jonesing! Expect me to disappear for a couple nights as I overdose on Sci-Fi drama!

On an unrelated note, I will be posting the last three photo sets of my Italy trip to my Flickr account pretty soon. I will also be blogging about the trip, as it makes for some filler content for our company’s website. Up until now I have been mirroring those posts to my Livejournal account... but I’m wondering if people are wanting me to stop?

I did not originally post all the pictures at once because there are literally hundreds of them, and I never could find the time to color-correct crop, label, and update them all in one sitting. So I separated them out into a series of sets. But recently I’ve realized some people might be getting a bit annoyed at this, seeing this as ongoing bragging. I apologize if it came across as this, it was not my intention.

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