Italy Bound

Hello all! By the time you read this, I will be leaving on a jet plane to Italy for almost two weeks. Hard work and circumstances opened up this opportunity, and contrary to my nature, I’m exploiting it :P I’m a bit of a lazy, introverted shut-in at times (a stereotype I hope to buck against a bit this year) so when a business trip came along that required me in Rome, me and a fellow application developer conspired together; we took some vacation time and nearly doubled our stay.

I’ll be gone today, February the eight, flying to Toronto, Munich, and then Rome. I expect everything to go smoothly, except for a mad rush of a panic to change planes in Munich, as our stop over there is only an hour! I’m in Rome from Saturday the ninth to Friday the fifteenth. Yes, for those of your with a calendar handy, that means I’ll be in freaking Rome for freaking Valentines Day. I’m certain if I had a girlfriend, she’d be dumping me right now for not taking her with me. :)

On the fifteenth, I’ll be getting on a train to La Spezia, which is four or five little villages on the northwest coast of Italy. It’s been highly recommended as a great place to visit and look around and getting some hiking in. Then, on Sunday the seventeenth, it’s another train ride, this time to Venice. Finally, it’s a plane trip back to Canada on the 19th, via Frankfurt, and Montreal.

I’ll be taking my digital camera with me, and I already have a pro Flickr account ready. I’ll be snapping as many pictures as I can get and posting them when I get home. Also, I’ll try to keep semi-in-touch with Winnipeg through that Internet thing, but copper wiring and hotel surcharges may prevent that. So, little to no Facebook, Livejournal, blogging, or linking for a while!

I’ve been fairly low key telling people that I’m leaving, never mind where I’m leaving to. Trust me, this wasn’t me trying to slight anyone. I just didn’t think going around bragging that I’ll be ditching a Manitoba winter to bomb around Italy would get on anyone’s good side. :) For those of you who are jealous, apologies! Otherwise... see you all in two weeks! :P

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