Made Some Minor Changes To My Site

I did this last time too. I wanted to wait until I had a miracle perfect redesign before I made a wondrous award winning site update. Of course, what would happen instead is that I would occasionally fiddle with Photoshop, get bored with whatever I had done before, start over, and never actually complete anything. And my site would site with a less and less clever "revamp coming soon" message.

So, enough. I’ve gone ahead and made a few nudges here and there. I’ve added the other social sites I have profiles to the top navigation. I’ll keep adding to this navigation as I keep getting addicted to Web 2.0, and post here if anything significant gets updated (like my Fiction writing... I’m getting an itch).

I’ve chucked the home page, as it was totally useless, and made the blog prominent. I’ve also beefed up the blog, pulling posts from a variety of other sites I post to, and even tacked on my Delicious and Google Reader feeds. So, if you’re like me, and crave new content on a daily basis, I’m here doing my part :) The only catch is that I’m currently too lazy to enable comments on the posts, so you’ll have to do so at whatever other sites I mirror the data to.

I’m trying to make time to do all the things I "want" to do, so hopefully you’ll see the Projects page get a write-up sometime this year. I’ll try and be more diligent on making RACC covers, too. But no guarantees. :P

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