Pints, Pencils, and Participation

A short while ago, Ian, Victoria, and I spent an evening at a pub. I was able to convince them to bring along their pencils and erasers, and together, we tried out that collaborative comic strip idea I've been wanting to do. I quite enjoyed it and would love to have another go at it in the near future :)

Below are the resulting strips. If we had a fourth person that evening, we might have had some entertainingly non sequitur dialogue to go with them. In this first attempt, however, the three of us were happy enough with the silent results. You can click on each to see them at larger sizes on my Flickr account.

I Could Really Go For A Pizza Right About Now...
Collaborative Comicstrips - "I Could Really Go For A Pizza Right About Now..."

I Can Has Planet Conquering?
Collaborative Comicstrip - "I Can Has Planet Conquering?"

Fuck You, Getaway Guy!
Collaborative Comicstrips - "Fuck You, Getaway Guy!"

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