Sketchbook Scribbling

Was flipping through my sketchbook at home when I realized I haven't uploaded several pages. I rushed the scanning a bit, doing it before hitting the sack, hence the images appearing lower resolution than normal... but heck, their just rough scribbles anyway, so fuck it.

A bunch of these are from small web-comic ideas that I'm toying with. I may get aorund to doing them, though, like Sock And Bag, they'll probably just be throw-away runs to get used to pencilling and inking.

Creepers and Turrents

Had an idea for a portal turrent and a minecraft creeper to be in an odd-couple type relationship. The turrent is the female of the two only because it was easy to add eyelashes to the central eye. 

Dragutin, The Red Hand

Dragutin, also known as "the Red Hand", will be making an appearance in Super Wizard From Space #36, though his design has changed a bit from this sketch; his hand isn't all 'crazy lightening' in the story. Maybe it'll get to that later, though, as I like the look.


Another web-comic idea. Errata, a burlesque dancer that fights crime! Inspired by a friend and the goofy Shadow Lady mangas. Named after the muse Erato... and named exclusively so I can use some sort of "fixing mistakes" sort of pun.

The Diabolical Devilman

Was finishing up the "To Hell And Hell And Hell And Hell And Hell And Back" storyline in the Super WIzard From Space fiction series. Playing around with what a masked version of the Diabolical Devilman might look like, and his "mild mannered" alter ego.

Bride Of Frankenstein

Went to go see a Dracula/Frankenstein double feature at the movie theatre. Nuff said.

ArmyGuy vs S.N.A.K.E.

Wanted to do a GIJoe parody web-comic, making fun of all sorts of stuff that came up in the 1980s cartoon. Was cribbing fairly heavily from Kate Beaton's work. Netflix Canada just added the cartoon to its available shows, so this idea has been scratching at me again...


More of the GIJoe-parody, this time practicing guns. 

Emperor M

Drafting some Emperor-M character designs for the coming "Do While Rw Nw Prt M Hrw" storyline in the Super Wizard From Space fiction series. Also, we see the first appearances of Sock And Bag. By the way, if you haven't figured it out by now, they're called that because their hand puppets :)

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