My Scanner Limps On

My CanoScan LIDE 100 was a cheap buy, around eighty bucks a couple years ago. For that price, I easily got my money's worth. But I believe its starting to show its quality. It seemed to be give only errors under some obscure conditions... by obscure I mean the conditions I normally scan at all the time. However, I only need to grab a couple shots of my sketchbook and it seems to be okay when I lower some of the settings, it soliders on.

Here are the latest doodles I've been tossing together, inspired by shows on Netflix and past drawings in general. You can see the slightly-bigger version over at my Flickr set if you click on any one of them.

Thor and some MODOKs

Zemo and Robocop


Only one guy is happy

This is the chin of the batman


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