Sketchbook Scans

I grabbed my sketchbook, intent on adding a couple more doodles to it this weekend, when I realized that I had quite a few pages in it that I had not yet scanned in. Well, that simply will not do. :)

Bent spines and data relationships

The bent-over fellow and the super wizard were rough sketches for a little web-comic one-off that I did. I wanted a lex luthor like nemesis for the guy, but also wanted to give him an obvious evil-guy look and pose. Seemed to work out okay, though he did come across a bit hunchback.

Big chins and straight lines

Man, look at that guy's neck! Look at that guy's chin! Wow! Also, some witch sketches again, still with that hard straight-line look I do when I try drawings coats. Not sure if I'm a hundred percent keen on it, but its a very me style.


I picked up some Lucky Luke books (great stuff, I recommend them) and decided to draw out some of the heads. There's so much character in each and every one of them.


A couple rough layouts, ideas for redo-ing my website. So far down on my priority list that I'll end up tired of the new redesign before I even start it, I'm certain.

Derp derp derp

On the far right there, you'll see me trying to channel Mike Mignola a bit. I haven't got a handle on shading, so its currently impossible to completely ape his style, but his look meshes well with that straight-line style I was talking about... assuming I don't make giraffes of their necks. Yikes.

Sasquatches and unicorns

There was a high-concept-challenge on the RACC newsgroup, where we had to write a story about a war between sasquatches and unicorns. I love the look of the sasquatch, especially with the boxing gloves, but I'm certain I cribbed it's look from somewhere. Can't remember where. But I'm certain I did.

Man, them eyebrows

He's not the king of all the super wizards. The super wizards are the parliamentary sort without a monarchy.

Noses and the lack of them

I have been reading a lot of old Judge Dredd strips. Between that and the fact Karl Urban is going to be starring in a new flick (please be good, please be good), I got jazzed enough to try my hand at it.

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