Travelling Documents Prop

At a dollar store, I found a cheap passport holder and suddenly wanted to make a prop for the dwarf-centric D&D game I was running. I cut two pieces of cardboard and, with the help of one of the players, made the below! :D

Travelling Documents Prop

The item on the left represented a slate of stone, carved with dwarves runes. It was given by our protagonists' clanlords, describing their travels from the valley they reside in to Rhul, the seat of power of all dwarves.

The item on the left represents a wooden tablet they acquired in an egyptian-esque country named Tuat, populated by lizardfolk and dragonborn. It is their 'travelling papers', given to them by the necrocratic theocracy, and giving them permission to cross the desert lands.

I'm not usually one for crafts, but I love having physical props for these sort of games, especially when I know the friends I play with will also appreciate it :)

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