2011 Fringe Shows I Wanna Watch

It's almost time for the 2011 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and like last year, I've compiled a list of shows that have caught my eye. Most of them are playing throughout the week-and-a-half the festival is going, but I'll be trying to nail down a more solid schedule later this week. If anyone wants to catch one of these shows with me, just leave a comment below and we'll try to coordinate :)

The Brain From Planet X
Venue 16 - A hilarious send-up of bad 50s sci-fi movies. A brain and its two alien cohorts arrive on Earth with a plan to take over the San Fernando Valley - starting with a happy nuclear family, the first step on their quest to take over the entire planet and destroy the family unit. Click here for details.

Cannibal! The Musical
Venue 6 - It's Oklahoma meets Sweeney Todd! From the mind of Trey Parker (co-creator South Park) comes Cannibal! The Musical. In the cold winter of 1874, six men set out for the Colorado Rockies and what they found there was far from golden. Cannibal! The Musical is based on the true story of the only convicted cannibal in American history, Alfred Packer. Singing, dancing and eating people! Click here for details.

Criminal Genius
Venue 15 - Kick You To Death's premiere production smashes its way into the Fringe like a deadly kick to the face with one of the most loved plays by one of Canada's most beloved playwrights. Join Rolly and Stevie through their excellent adventures in arson, kidnapping, petty theft and erotic acts of violence. Mirth abounds, don't miss it! Click here for details.

D'n'D Three Point Five
Venue 18 - Red River Serial returns to the Winnipeg Fringe with another EPIC improvised D'n'D-inspired show. What quest will the champions of Good be sent on? Will they be thwarted by the forces of Evil? Only the dice of doom know for sure. One of last year's Winnipeg Fringe Best of Fest, this show is sure to be a critical hit! Roll your initiative. Click here for details.

Houdini's Last Escape
Venue 10 - Can Houdini, the greatest escape artist of all time, escape his own death? Click here for details.

The Physicists
Venue 6 - A black comedy that probes the anxieties, guilt and sanity of three physicists (Einstein, Newton and Mobius) who live in a mental asylum during the post-atom bomb era known as the Cold War. Are scientists responsible when their discoveries are used against humanity? Durrenmatt provides humorous and poignant insight into this undying moral question. Click here for details.

Roald Dahl's The Witches
Venue 9 - Witches, not silly Halloween pretend witches but REAL witches, want nothing more than to squitter, fritter, svish and svollop real human children. Grandmama has warned Boy how to protect himself from real witches, but can anything prepare him for meeting the Grand High Witch of All the World?! Find out in Roald Dahl's tale of action, bravery and green pea soup! Click here for details.

A Show Of Hands
Venue 9 - Winnipeg's sketch comedy wunderkinds are back to show off their best assets. An hour of audience-chosen favourite sketches from years past. See why, after the Winnipeg Comedy Fest 2011, the Free Press declared, "If what they accomplished at this year's fest doesn't make them huge Canadian stars, there's something not at all funny going on in this country's comedy biz." Click here for details.

Sigurd The Dragon Slayer
Venue 3 - The company that brought you the smash hits Perseus, Theseus and Gilgamesh now point their compass Norse. Taken from the ancient Völsunga Saga that inspired the works of Wagner and Tolkien, Sigurd the Dragonslayer weaves a tale of cursed gold, a vengeful valkyrie and a burnin' ring of fire. Click here for details.

Sound And Fury's "Doc Faustus"
Venue 18 - 'Fringe faves S&F return with a Soulless Western! A parody of the classic play where Faust sells his soul for power! Click here for details.

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