Vancouver 2010

Last week, I went on a business trip to Vancouver to participate in a face-to-face conference for CTRNet. This national network has regular get-togethers like this so that the developers across the province working on ATiM and other initiatives can all keep on the same page. It's one of the projects me and Visual Lizard are most proud to be a part of.

A view of Vancouver from the BCCRC

This is the third time I've been to Vancouver, and I've always loved the city. The quiet areas are peaceful, rich with vegetation and colour, full of friendly people. It has a bigger focus on alternative transportation methods than Winnipeg does, like better bike paths and bike routes, better care for pedestrian traffic, the skytrain system connecting downtown to the airport, and the electric buses. The urban areas feel more urban, the downtown areas feel more alive, and even the hilly geography gives it a character Manitoba's flat prairie plains cannot provide.

A plethora of gelato flavours

When I go on a business trip like this, I try to put off coming back for a day or two if I have friends in the area. This case was no different, with a pair of good friends that moved to BC a few years ago. They live in the west end and have welcomed me into their home twice now, always fantastic hosts and tolerate tour guides :) I usually don't show up with a plan of what I wanted to do, so I have fun (and hopefully they do to) by enjoying some spontaneity... in this case it was trying as much pumpkin-flavoured food and beverages as possible, the tracking down and purchase of a dapper hat, the consuming of excellent west-coast sushi, and a subdued evening pub crawl down a busy Granville Street.

Granville street during a weekend evening

I'm already looking forward to visiting the coast as soon as I get the chance. G&K, my always cheerful friends, have suggested a snow-boarding trip and/or a hike up Grose Mountain, both of which means I should probably get some regular exercise before going back :P In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the few pictures I took while out there... sorry, I had only my iPhone 3G at the time, but I posted the best of the lot on my Flickr account.

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