Optometrist Appointment (and Resulting Glasses)

So this past Sunday, my damn glasses broke. You know, the glasses I actually need to see. After swearing quite a lot, I finally calmed down and thankfully remembered I had a pair of prescription sunglasses in the car. It makes me look like a bit of a graphic designer poseur, especially if I stop at a Starbucks first, but at least I can see. However, I'll be avoiding any night-time driving as much as possible.

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Seeing as I need to pick up a replacement pair of glasses, it seemed like a good time to get my eyes checked. Last time I was at an optometrist was about three years ago, so I'm due, and my insurance through my work covers the check-up. I was lucky enough to find an appointment for this afternoon, less than two days after my accident, so that was a lucky break.

The only thing I'm dreading is picking out some new frames. I'm absolutely terrible at knowing what looks good on me. I'm going to have to see if I can kidnap someone of the female persuasion this afternoon to help me pick a pair of specs, keep me from making a damn fool of myself. :)

Five Days Later...

Went to a eyeglass place and found myself some new glasses. Seems I couldn't find anyone to drag away with me to help pick a pair out; too short of notice and being mid-afternoon, everyone was still at work. In the end, I chose a set similar to my old glasses, just with darker coloured frames. A handful of days later (due to them having to be ordered in), I sport specs once again!

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