RSS Feeds and Google Adsense

Last week, I found some time to work on my website and got around to adding an apparently long awaited RSS feed for my personal blog. The only challenge in doing so was consolidating all my entries from all the places I post to into one area, just as I had for my blog. I'm still working on clearly identifying which posts comes from which site, so a reader has a little more context when viewing it it through a feed reader.

The other thing I did was to push my RSS feed through FeedBurner so that I could hook it up with Google Adsense. Since I work in the web industry, it's best that I keep on top of how stuff like this works, and my own site is usually the experimental testbed (hence the ad banners you may have noticed). It turned out to be very easy to set up my RSS feed with Google Adsense; once I had an Adsense account set up properly, I only had to provide the URL for my feed. The system automatically set it up with FeedBurner (I did not have to visit the FeedBurner site at all during this process), and provided me with a FeedBurner URL for my RSS feed, which I was instructed to use instead of my own. 

I've already set up my Facebook account to parse the feed automatically, a fairly straightforward endeavour, and now need to consider what to do with my LiveJournal account; I keep it to follow some friends and comment on their blog, and I know I can pull an RSS feed from it, but I am trying to find out if I can populate it with an RSS feed (Preferably without having to purchase an upgrade). Also, I'm debating whether I need to provide separated RSS feeds, so that those interested in following some of my areas of interest (say, my work and personal blog) need not be bothered by my side stuff (like the role-playing entries and RACC news posts).

In the meantime, if you're looking for it, here is the link to my blog's RSS feed, I hope you enjoy it:

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