Sketches of Cowboys and Vampires

Scanned in a couple more pages from my sketchbook, posted them to my Flickr account, and sharing them with you. Enjoy :)

Head and Logos

A variety of character heads, included the often seen Kapow villainess and Molly Greenwitch. The bottom right-hand corner has a couple mascot/logo designs I am thinking about my long-on-the-back-burner Truup site.

Cowboys Laying Eggs

The cowboy laying the egg on the right was a off-the-cuff sketch done at a recent ToastyCon. For being a spontaneous get-together, it worked out quite well. We're going to have to do another ToastyCon in the near future.


Always playing with vampire designs for my comic-book story. Trying to get the right mix of the original, vicious sort (the lanky, all-teeth version you see) and it's descendants (the tooth-y but normal sort with him). Also, a robot head. Cause robots are cool.

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