Welcome To My 2010 Website

I've been working on a revamp of my website for a long while now, and have been putting off launching it because of a few stumbling blocks. Some are annoying, like layout and design elements that, try as I might, I seem unable to bring together in a satisfactory manner. Other stumbling blocks are more trivial cracks, things that are fine but I just can't help continually fiddling with.

The old site had some troubles that was pissing off myself and my few visitors, like the incredibly slow load time on the home page. I finally realized, unlike the large corporate or organization sites I usually work on, there was no reason I couldn't release the half-finished version you see now, and just continue working on it "in public". If nothing else, it might be interesting to a couple folk, watching me iron out some of the wrinkles.

So my main site is mostly finished. The projects area needs content, but I hadn't populated it on the old version either, so technically, it's completely ported over. I regularly shared interesting links daily, I'll need to find a place for that, as I believe that was on of the more popular areas of the site. Finally, the homepage needs some tweaking, maybe a few design changes.

The DoHGGA site is almost one-hundred percent converted, it was the easiest to do. The homepage is currently blank, I want to do something a little more whiz-bang than I had previous, but the navigation on the side operates as expected, and all the content is still there.

The RACC site is the only one that is giving me headaches. I like the general layout, but the design elements just isn't doing it for me. I can't quite put my finger on it. I keep shifting things around, choosing different colors, etc, but I'm never happy with it. Still, the way the information is being parsed, filtered, and displayed is a million times better than the old version, making maintaining it much easier. The only concern, content wise, is the covers: as you'll not, I'm using a larger image size than before, so right now, they are all stretched. I'll start swapping them out for larger versions as they come out.

I'll do my best to regularly write when I've made a significant improvement or update. In the meantime, enjoy!

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