Sketches; Pulp Story Characters

A couple more doodles, posted to my Flickr account...


It didn’t take long for my little barbarian king to get named... Kapow! On a side note, fat horses are amusing to draw :)

A couple more pulp characters

Playing around with the webcomic idea. Based on the old pulp story magazine concept, I might actually flip through a couple sub-stories; a barbarian era, a detective noir yarn, and a retro-space-age tale.

Designing a villian

Starting with Kapow’s barbarian story, I would need a villain. Or in this case, a villainess. Lots of pointing spiky bits, so you know she means business, and a big miter hat, so you know she’s in charge. I particularly like the black miter, as it makes her look like some sort of anti-pope!


Playing around with the design of Kapow’s unnamed villainess. She’s becoming more simplified, to match Kapow’s own simple designs, and am considering giving her hooves... hooves are evil, right? Also, since Kapow got a fat horse, it seemed to make sense that she would get a thin one.

Doodling tall

Just a variety of doodles that I did tall-wise. I think I prefer drawing width-wise, though. Kapow and the villainess’s styles now finally line up, with her extraneous detail being shed.

Pew pew

Some more pulp character doodling, this time with some focus on the space-age era. To go with my male hero, I have a female heroine, and possibly a quick doodle as to what the evil alien race would look like... tentacles are evil, right? Aren’t they like the hooves of space? :)

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