Winnipeg Transit Bus Tickets

Winnipeg Transit raised the price of it’s fares up five cents January 1st. This means the new (red) 2010 bus tickets also cost five cents more each. The older (orange) 2009 bus tickets can still be used as fare for three months, but you will also need to pay the nickel difference when boarding the bus.

I went to the transit kiosk in Winnipeg Square, where the polite transit employee behind the plexiglass confirmed this for me. However, he surprised me by pointing out I could use the remainder of my old (orange) 2009 tickets to offset the cost of buying new (red) 2010 tickets! I immediately purchased a sheet (10 tickets) of the new 2010 tickets, a usual cost of around twenty-one dollars, and handed him my remaining six (orange) 2009 tickets... six orange tickets at two dollars year (2009’s fare) is twelve bucks, so I ended up only paying the difference, a total of $8.50!

This is amazingly convenient! I guess it never occurred to me that this was an option, so used am I to coupons and gift cards that just plain expire whether you use them or not! This option may only available at the two-or-three official Transit kiosks, though. But still... cool beans! :D

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