Drink And Draw

Last Friday, went over to a friends place for a "drink and draw", a get together where we consume alcohol and hang out with good company and do some sketching. A great excuse to make new friends, get tipsy, and be somewhat artistic with similarly artistic folk! As normal, I’ve posted the results to my Flickr account...

Compasses and Monsters

The left was the result of being given four random words, and drawing something of it. The right was a sort of two-minute challenge, being given a general concept and having only one hundred and twenty seconds to come up with something.

Roller Coasters and Vikings

Another pair of two minute challenges, this time of "a dream" and of the action "to cleave". By this point, we had drunk a decent amount, and our sketches were becoming darkly amusing :)

Drowning, Batman, and Witches

The left was a couple more two minutes sets, this time two people each asking for ways we would "kill them". Being a lazy sort, and having only met them that night, they both got a similar wet treatment. The right was just space I filled in over the weekend; still playing Batman Arkham Asylum and toying with my witch idea (which is starting to pick up cowboy elements to her).

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