3:16 at 205

Thursday evening, I went over to hang out with the 205 gang, where Jon was running a light-hearted game of 3:16. If you’ve never played this RPG, it’s a fun little romp in the view of Starship Troopers, just without any of the characterization, plot, morals, or even story; just bad-ass soldiers killing aliens for... um... well, just for the sake of killing aliens, really. It’s the sort of game that demands you play it heavily campy. :)

Receiving his briefing

The troopers, ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum!

Fun was had by all, and we even got into character, grabbing nearby items as props for our stereotypical looking-for-trouble marine space solider types! Only complaint is that I really got to start carrying my little point-and-shoot digital camera with me, as the iPhone doesn’t really cut it when the light is less than optimal. Still, enjoy the ones I manage... posted to my Flickr account, ’natch.

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