Pegged Chess Set

A week or two ago, I ordered a pegged travel chess set from the House Of Chess online store. I’ve been playing chess on-and-off again, and felt like spoiling myelf with a nice, portable set. Well, it finally arrived this morning (apologies for the poor quality photos)! :D


This thing is tiny, about the same size as my wallet. About five inches by three inches. Shut, it looks fantastic, with a simple little latch keeping it closed. I don’t have enough of an eye to tell it the workmanship is any good, but I do like how it look.


I liked the idea of this set because it was pegged, meaning in the middle of a game, I can just close the box, carry it with me, and open it up again to carry on. The green felt on top keep the pieces from scratching, and the spaces on the side can easily be used for discarded/captured pieces.


However, five inches by three inches *is* incredibly small. The pieces are a little hard to get at and effectively move around, as the picture above shows. Also, the queen looks too much like the bishop, in my opinion. All in all, a handsome set that I’m glad I bought, but unsure how good it would be for actual play.

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