Taking Some Vacation Time

I rarely take vacations. It’s not so much that I am a work-a-holic as I am a creature of habit, though I suppose that’s just a polite way of saying that I am comfortably set in my ways. I would see my obvious stagnation and recognize all the advantages of it, and look upon ways to change or improve my life but only see the possible failures inherent in altering course. This last week was particularly blatant in that aspect, as I was presented with one or two opportunities to maybe have what I wanted and I said nothing; looking right at the person, knowing what I should say, what I think they want me to say... and saying nothing.

To top it off, a couple long days at work, a little too much beer over the tail-end of the week, and miserable grey days. All working together to dampen my usually cheery mood. So yes, a vacation is much called for. A couple days away from my listlessness, my comfortable habits, and the safety net of familiar situations. A couple days on a sunny coast, a mountainous province, a lively Vancouver, and some long-missed friends. New surroundings, new experiences, new memories, new faces. Five days with nothing but opportunities.

I’ll be boarding a plane at the Winnipeg Airport at about 7am Monday June 29th, and will be disembarking from a plane at the Winnipeg Airport at 11pm Friday July 3rd. That gives me the weekend to myself, five days in BC including Canada Day, and then the weekend back in Winnipeg before I have to return to work July 6th.

Other than the ridiculousness of starting my on-vacation Monday at 4 or 5 in the morning (ug, what was I thinking?) the trip has become something I’m looking forward to... not so much as an escape but as a simple change in pace. I have this weekend to unwind a bit from work, cheer up a bit. I also have the weekend after back at home, able to sleep in my own bed and unwind from my vacation before getting back into work. I’ve tried going right from a trip back to work the next day, and it just wipes a person out doing that. This way, I might actually be up for hanging out with someone after getting back, rather than just wanting to collapse at home and rest!

Other than one or two arrangements for transportation and lodging, I haven’t made any solid plans for what to do when I get there. I’ve been recommended a trip to Stanley Park, a visit to the Aquarium, some time at the beach, and a wander downtown... but I refuse to have a real itinerary. The point is not to have a schedule I can fall back on. The point is not to an excuse not to be spontaneous. The point is to relax, figure it out as I go along, enjoy myself without having to worry about having enough time to see this thing or making sure I get a chance to visit that place. I’ll have my camera to snap pictures, maybe a map to not lose my way, and my iPhone for emergencies (and accessing the internet, reading LiveJournal, twittering... sorry, but I am an internet addict :P ).

When I get back, I hope to have "recharged", bring back my cheerful outlook on life. I’ll also hope to bring back some of the sunny weather. :P

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