Trying To Do A Little More Writing

I’ve been thinking about doing some more writing of late. I have been having some interesting talk with friends, discussing concepts and ideas and stories that each of us think are wonderful, but never really get around to putting on paper (or on screen, as the case may be). Every time that sort of discussion starts up, we get visibly animated, excited to be talking about something that has been festering in our minds and yearning to be exposed to an audience outside ourselves. It might be a television show idea, a punk-ish story setting, or a collection of comicbook characters... but in all cases, these are stories that want to be told; the person wants to be telling them.

The problem is I’ve been thinking about doing some writing, but not actually writing. I could make up some excuse why, but it’d just be excuses. It’s gotten a little more poignant of late, as I’ve been advising those friends to get things down, start writing or sketching or typing, before the spark either fades away or becomes so large as to be daunting. This morning, I had a conversation about twitter versus blogging that brought the point to the surface again. So I believe it’s time again to stop thinking and try doing.

Like many times I’ve tried this, I’ll probably falter eventually, having "better" things to do, and stop writing. But the only guaranteed failure is to never try, right? So occasionally when I have the time, I’m going to sit at my computer and write... something. Anything. If it isn’t a storyline I’m in the middle of, then it’s a random paragraph or two, throwing a scene onto the screen without worrying about context. And if it’s not that, it’s at least a blog posting. It’s anything written, an attempt to get into the habit of writing.

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