A Couple Quick Doodles

Just a couple more doodles that’s cropped up lately, endiong up on my Flickr account...

Post-it Note Wil

Despite working in a computer and internet based industry, I still go through an amazing amount of post-it notes. I just find jotting something down a little more real, more handy, than a file clipping... especially if I only need to remember it for a couple moments.

Once in a while, the pen puts down more than just quick notes. Above, a little self portrait turned up. *shrug*

New Sketches 01

Trying out the new sketchbook and pencils I got for my birthday, I doodled a LARP character. Many times when I’m sketching, I’m also half-paying attention to a movie on TV, so unsurpringly, that ends up on the page as well. I believe it was Gladiator here.

New Sketches 02

Another page, and it was Kingdom Of Heaven at the time :P I posted these pictures to Flickr before I noticed the "see through" effect. Turns out the paper in the new sketchbook is thinner than my old ones? No worries, the lead is not bleeding though, its just the scanner.

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